Two Places You Aren't Looking For Summer Decor But Should Be

Monday, August 8, 2016

Secret revealing. It's happening today. Get excited.

Recently, I discovered Invaluable, an online e-commerce site that specifically caters to art, jewelry, and all other sorts of collectibles and antiques. (Think "Antiques Roadshow" meets Etsy. Super cool, right?) They recently posted about summer tips for finding antique and home decor and today I'm here to share my own.

There are two places you're probably not looking for home decor but SHOULD be. Like now:

1. Facebook groups. Many neighborhoods and communities have private groups you can join where people post home decor items, furniture, and antiques for sale. I cannot even tell you how many INCREDIBLE things I've found utilizing this tool. To find groups near you either: a) click on the "Discover Groups" link under your "Groups" heading on your Facebook homepage, or b) type any relevant keyword(s) into the Facebook search box and see what populates. Most people who are in these groups don't reveal their secrets since they want to keep all the good stuff to themselves - but today I'm spilling the beans. It's too good not to share. One thing to note: make sure you read and follow the rules of each page you join - as they will vary slightly. 

2. Clothing Stores - Look past all the back-to-school jeans specials at a lot of retailers and you will find some great home decor. A lot of clothing retailers have ventured into the home decor market and the results are awesome. My favorites are Urban Outfitters (SO much good stuff...even some vintage), Modcloth (yes, you read that right), Zara home, and H&M. Usually, these items are only found online, so grab your computer and go take a look NOW. Dig around a little. You'll be so glad you did. 

I also love that both of these are online, which, as a busy mom, I SO appreciate. Shopping without my children is a win for everyone involved, let's be real. 

Interested in reading more about Summer tips for home decor and antiquing? Check out Invaluable's guide to some of the Summer's best antiquing spots

Do you live near any of these hot spots?
What other tips do you have for finding treasures?

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