Arhaus Patio Design Challenge

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We're in the thick of Texas summer, which means I am eating copious amounts of melon and avoiding the outdoors as much as possible. Side note: Please never ask me to go camping unless it involves an RV with the best things the 21st century can offer.

David and I talked about covering and screening the back patio last year, which seriously sounds fan-friggin-tastic right about now. We didn't do it but - oh - the dream remains.

Arhaus, a high-end furnishing company with an emphasis on quality and sustainability (so much to love about this company), recently inspired me to design a dream patio that brought the warmth and livability of the indoors outside. Yes, please. 

Here's what I came up with:

To be able to actually use AND enjoy outdoor spaces, I need two things: practicality and comfort. With two boys, two years and under, and 2 labs, do I really need to explain? 

Our patio is actually quite large, we have a grill and a chiminea but NO seating. Zero. Well, we have an old bench David keeps promising to refinish and a couple of camping chairs we can drag out of the garage - but no. 

Key design piece: This dreamy patio starts with fantastic seating. Honestly, the moment I saw this giant sectional from Arhaus, I wanted it. The clean modern lines and teak construction mean I'd be perfectly satisfied with it for a long, long time. (Be sure to check out their other great sectional sofas here.) Positioned in front of our current chiminea, it is pretty much perfection. 
I also wanted a large dining table and couldn't pass up the value of this set from Ikea. It's modern, beautiful, and spacious enough to enjoy with guests or just as a family. 

Accessories: A fantastic tie-dye throw (technically a towel but they aren't the boss of me), a soft but unexpected turf rug, brass lanterns, doggy beds, and colorful dishes round out the design plan. All the love. 

Now excuse me while I go shut the blinds and try to ignore that my real-life patio is nowhere near as awesome as this. 

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