Palm & Banana Leaf Prints: How to Make Your Favorite Trend Last

Monday, May 23, 2016

When it comes to trends I tend to stay off the bandwagon. If I can't see myself loving it for the long haul I'm usually not interested. But there's something about a great print that I can't say no to - the trick is using them in a way that keeps the longevity without sacrificing taste. The online design firm, Laurel &Wolf, urged me to share my thoughts on how to successfully use the palm/banana leaf print trend.

For me, the key in using any trend successfully is balance.
Take a look at this totes amazing removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper (all the heart eyes)
I seriously want this wallpaper in my house, y'all. I love it so much. This would be fantastic in one of my boys' bedrooms OR their bath OR the laundry room. swoon.

Bold? Yes, but unapologetically awesome without going cheesy-Palm-Beach-crazy on you. The black & white, the giant scale, the brushstrokes - it stands out but still plays nicely with others. I'd add some natural elements, color, and texture for one killer, unforgettable space.

For the commitment-phobe, accessorizing is a safe way to play with the palm/banana leaf print without going in too deep. This pillow from H&M is a great example. I love the classy tropical nod with the tone-on-tone color scheme. This is great for someone who isn't ready to go full-on but still wants to have fun with this trend.
B-to-the-alance, y'all.

source: H&M 

Last but not least, let's not forget our girl Mother Earth. The ol' gal knows a thing or two about keeping things classy. If you want to get on the palm/banana leaf trend but don't know where to start - this. is. for. you. Keep it simple by framing giant fronds or even getting your own live plant (if you're good like that and can keep things alive. mad props btw.)

source: Coastal Living

Trends may come and go but classy interiors never will so don't be afraid to incorporate more of what's hot. You get to control how much of it is right for you.

What's your favorite way to use palm or banana leaf prints?

For more information or inspiration on design and trends check out Laurel & Wolf. You can also follow then on Pinterest, Instagram, and their blog.

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