Design Necessities: A Rug Pad USA Review

Friday, September 11, 2015

Let's have a little real-talk, shall we?
There's nothing sexy about today's post. 
It's one of those design issues that nobody really talks about because it's never seen.
Annnd, on a scale of things that are boring - waiting in the doctor's office, watching paint dry; 5000 piece puzzles - talking about rug pads might just take the cake.
But hear me out.

Several months ago I was approached by
I'd never heard of them and truthfully didn't know rug pads existed beyond those off-white, sticky waffle-type ones.

I had no idea, for example, that:
  • 90% of rug pads come from overseas where they can minimize labor and production costs (i.e., they use cheap materials at a cheap cost)
  • they are usually made from pvc or latex which tend to be chemically heavy and full of harmful VOC's
  • The petrochemical oils in many pads can leech out of the pad and into your flooring causing discoloration and damage over time
  • most rug pads are not able to absorb or release moisture so in certain climates they can permanently damage the flooring underneath.
  • inexpensive fillers in some latex rug pads will break down over time and leave a residue on your floors

Anyone else feel like they've experienced almost all of these before? Weird smells, stickiness, staining, residue...and don't get me started about the sliding and bunching. Frustration overload. 

The kind folks at sent me a rug pad to review in hopes that I would like it and share with my readers. These eco-friendly rug pads are made in America using high quality materials, superior technology, and are supposed to be the best on the market. They claim to do exactly what a rug pad SHOULD do...keep your rug in place without damaging your home.
Cracks knuckles...let's see.

I decided to test it in one of our most difficult spots, the entry, where we've had rug issues ad nauseam. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. To hear that there was actually more to rug pads than the sticky plastic stuff was baffling. 
I was admittedly skeptical. 

They sent the Eco-Solid in a 3x5 size (they cut a bit smaller so as to fit perfectly under my rug) and I am happy to report it has been perfection for both my antique Persian rug and hardwoods.

This product really exceeded my expectations. It gets beaten down with the amount of foot traffic it takes daily but hasn't slipped once. Not once, people.
No weird sticking. No sliding. No smells. No strange residue. No bunching. Nothing. 
Even David was impressed. 

I love this product so much I'm planning on buying some for the rest of the house. It's a glorious thing when a product works as it's supposed to. 

If you're interested in learning more about the difference in a quality rug pad, Go Here.

The best part is that has generously offered my readers a 15% off coupon. Just plug in "PR15OFF" at checkout. 

Disclosure:  I received the Eco-Solid rug pad with the hope that I would like it and share it with you in a post. I absolutely love it and that's why you see this review.  I only mention products that I love and I think you will too. All opinions are my own.

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