sporadic everything-ing

Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm hoping to turn sporadic blogging into a thing.
like sporadic workouts or shaving in winter.
i kid. i totally shave all winter long.

December slammed into us messily.
case in point: i have pumpkins proudly displayed on my front porch.
our neighbors have synchronized lights and nativities and holiday swag.
we have pumpkins. 
i don't know either.

hopefully i'll get a wreath and a few lights up in time for the new year. 
sporadic holiday-ing.
another thing i'm totally rockin'. 

here's our Christmas card photo.
that i ordered too late. or at least that's what the Christmas card people told me... after they were purchased. sad day.
so enjoy a peek at our new years(?) picture. 
at least the boy is smiling.

so there's been some developments in the house that i hope to share soon.
soon (as we all know by now) is a completely relative term. but still.
we have gallery walls and hanging rugs and paint and, okay, really it's not so grand but updates are updates gosh-darn it.
i'm jazzed about the result and can't wait to show you.
plus, we've got some new projects in the work. eeeck!! (that's a happy 'eeck!')

also, i had every intention of sharing Lucas's first birthday party with you...but I dropped the ball again...no pictures. yea.
who forgets to take pictures of their kids first birthday?
the mom who's never done this before and oh, it's freezing outside, and oh the sausage burned, and oh the fireplace won't start, and oh we have to pick up the coffee...etc ad nauseum.
morning parties leave little time for back up.
side note: my grandma is a rock-star and helped me pull the day off. seriously would have been lost without her. 

i'm kinda heartbroken about the no picture thing, though. i won't lie.
mother fail #187.

i'm going to be a cookie-baking fiend this weekend so i might...if i have time and think about it...post the recipes next week. {chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, macadamia and peanut butter chocolate chunk} woot!
if i don't though, there's a good chance I'll have something on Instagram so let's be friends there too, mkay? i'm better at that anyway.

Baby is awake now. gotta run...
Happy Friday, friends!!

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