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Friday, October 24, 2014

October is almost over.
dumbfounded stare.

I am prepared for life.

Things get busy and I get forgetful. That's really the name of the game. Forgetful and lazy. Because ya, that happens too. So before I get too far behind, let's catch up.


so many swatches but we finally decided on a wall color for behind the sofa. 
charcoal gray for the win. 
{update coming} it looks so different now.

we used that same color to paint the wall behind our {unmade} bed. 
i like to keep it classy for you.

our little rugrat is 11 months old now. 
i shall henceforth mourn and weep uncontrollably. how can my sweet baby almost be a year old?

oh and that cast? yea, he fractured his arm a few weeks ago. i took it harder than he did. let's hope this not a sign of things to come.

Lucas and I went to hang out with his great-grandparents a few weeks ago. 
this picture makes my heart explode. 

selfie. just because

I've been busy planning a friend's baby shower AND Lucas's first birthday party. 
good thing parties are so much fun because if they weren't I'd be too exhausted to ever host again.
I also can't get over how much I love his birthday party invites from Paperless Post.  

just because. 

i entered a neighborhood baking competition last week. 
there was prize money involved. 
i'm competitive so of course i whipped out the best pumpkin pie in the world 
{apple butter pumpkin pie - scratch pie, scratch crust, scratch whipped cream}
...and didn't place.

whatevs. my neighborhood is full of retired people. 
grandmas always win. 

a few friends and I are throwing another good friend a baby shower tomorrow 
so today I'm finalizing plans, making cakes and getting all my party supplies and crafts finished. 
I'll probably be all over instagram with pics because this party is gonna be amazing, y'all. 


Happy Friday, friends! Have a wonderful weekend.

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