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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I've come to terms with the fact that 99% of my life is keeping a chubby 8 month-old from eating floor debris.
I had some kind of magical thinking that parenting would get easier as he got older.
and it did.
but it didn't.
also, i procrastinate.
he was crawling the day i finally bought outlet covers.

i'm so on my game.

awesome new moms get nurseries ready before the baby is born.
me? I wait till my baby is almost a year old.
i want to be awesome too
new baby + new house + family that lives far away + life = things take a long time here.
and that's okay.
you know what's also okay? not capitalizing or using punctuation.
makes me poetic. like ee cummings.

this post could also be titled: lies we tell ourselves.

i had this awesome plan to finish it a long time ago.
but kids ruin plans. in the best way.
also i get worn out.
in my limited down-time i want to watch project runway or bear grylls.
or sleep.
so yea, progress is slow and i'm learning to let go.

good news though:
we aren't that far from completion.
david has a shelf to finish.
there are some other finishing touches but we're really close, guys.
and that's pretty awesome.

this printed crib sheet started it all.
i normally don't do prints. they scare me.
so much commitment. 
but i couldn't get this one out of my mind.

side note: i should iron. 
truth: i won't iron. 

David took this picture during a trip to Ireland a few years back. I edited and had it printed. 
love. even with the terrible glare.

a dear friend made this beautiful cross-stitch for us. 
i still get a little teary thinking about my tiny baby and his tiny feet.

this is another photo we took in Greece.
i edited and added a favorite verse.
bad news is that the baby knocked it off the wall.
the frame broke so now it sits waiting for a new home. see what i mean about things taking longer?

that farm-style lamp with orange accent = swoon.
and the cacti changing pad cover? get out of town. so awesome.
so not me. at least the old me.
but this room is about fun and whimsy and playfulness.
i can do that, right?
i AM doing this.

and okay, can we talk about this pillow just a minute?
um, it's electric yellow.
with my child's name emblazoned upon it's bright, bold chest.
i'm getting so dramatic.
another risk that totally paid off.
(thank you tiny prints)

it comes in multiple colors but i decided to step outside my comfort zone and go with the bright yellow.
i wanted to have fun in my boy's room and that yellow was my first instinct.
okay, actually my first instinct was to pick black or anything "safe" but the yellow needed me.
or i needed it.
either way, i was scared to death until it arrived.
and then i could feel myself slowly letting the winds of change take me wherever they wanted.
this time it was to fun-town.

now if i can only harness such courage when planning our next project - the master bedroom. (hint: a whole room in dark i dare??)

aside from a few other tweaks and some fun accessorizing, we're almost finished with this project.
yes. glory!
i am ready to move on to our bedroom. that poor thing is in need of serious help.
a metaphor could be drawn here between the room and it's owners, but i won't.

anyone else make design decisions they were afraid of recently? how'd they turn out?


  1. It is looking so great! I love your brave choices. :) They look amazing!

  2. O.k., I LOVE Lucas's space! I can't believe I have been to your house and still haven't seen it in person. It is absolutely stunning. You are such a beautiful, creative women and I wouldn't be exaggerating in the least to say that I would kill for your eye for interior design. I can't seem to do it myself. . .

    My bold project: Noah's yellow striped wall in his closet. I was so afraid it would a) look awful b) not be straight because I usually rush every kind of DIY I try c) ruin his room, but it's now my favorite part of his bedroom. Strange how those things happen.

    1. You're so sweet, Jenny. But you're house is lovely and waaaaay more put together than mine. You've got quite the eye, friend.

  3. I looove it! Parenting totally gets easier, and also it doesn't. But my favorite phase so far is about 1 year to 18 months. They're not even officially fun yet at 8 months -- it all starts around 10 months. :) But yeah -- there's still no time for the actual doing of things.


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