nursery update 2

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

people who don't have kids can sometimes get annoyed by people who do.
i know because i used to be one of them..
i could be kind of judgey. 
not in a mean/i'll-talk-about-you kinda way.
more like, i'll just sit here and think about how you blame your kids for things 
and it's kinda annoying.
and how i'm awesome 
and would never do that.

I was a professional nanny turned children's therapist.
i knew it all.
i'd done it all.
so baby schedules/potty training/homework. whatevs. 
i was ready for parenthood. 
bring it, child.

what i didn't consider, however, was that i'd never interacted with children under extreme circumstances like starvation, sleep deprivation; bodily torture (aka birth/and after - either version. mine was c-section one-point-oh).
yea, there's a bit of a learning curve there.
in my infinite wisdom, you'd think i'd have considered that.

having a kid will do something to a person's sanity.
all babies are different. all new moms are different so there's really no way to plan.
and that's how they get ya.
it's like being in the slowest moving tornado.
all frenzy and action 
days that drag oooooon 
you have to concentrate really hard to remember, well, everything. 
at least at first.

i mean, you think certain things won't happen to you. but then there you are at the pediatricians office with peanut butter crackers and NO diapers.
kids are ruthless that way.
they like to find you in your moment of weakness and take a giant poo right there.

one of my child's super powers is his resiliency 
and much like the energizer bunny he really CAN keep going.
he doesn't fuss much. 
he's not a screamer.
but he is definitely, definitely NOT a sleeper.
i am.

at almost 7 months old and has only slept through the night a handful of times. 
he barely naps. 20-30 minutes a few times a day.
i hear rumors of other children sleeping 10-12 hours at night 
PLUS 2-3 daytime naps of more than an hour.
be gone you  well-rested parents of these fairy children. you spirit crushers.
away with you and your pillow-imprinted foreheads.

life with my happy, mini-napper/night-owl baby is happy but sleep-starved.
every day
every night
for over 6 months.
no sleep.

i don't cook much anymore.
laundry gets done but rarely folded (ok, that's not new.)
i am nowhere near getting back into a workout groove. 
btw - curses on all you mothers who jump right back into your skinny jeans.
i don't mean that. i love all mothers. 
but just can you still wear moo-moos so the rest of us don't feel so bad?

one day i'll sleep more than a few hours at a time and feel like a normal human being again.
or maybe i won't because motherhood is unpredictable.
i like to hold out hope though.
in the meantime, everything takes longer here at casa de bebe. 

i've made progress on the nursery. 
not much. 
it's the only room i've touched thus far.
you'll see more of what i haven't touched this week.
but for now, here's what we have left:

1. david is building me a shelf. it's gonna be awesome. and triangular. and awesome. if he will ever get to finishing it.
2. new changing pad cover. etsy for the win. i went big (for me) on prints
3. i can't decide if that pouf is staying or not. i vetoed those pillows already. they're gone.
accessories are hard.
4. not sure about the baskets either. they're super functional but i'm iffy about the tones/colors. 

5. something over the crib. 
right now i have THIS there. but i think we can all agree it needs some work. 
6. new crib sheets. i gave you a sneak peak at one of the new ones a few pictures up (just got it today). but i'm waiting on the other one. i went more bold on the prints than i'm used to. 
still nervous about it but think it's gonna work.

there are a few more tweaks and things i have in mind. but progress is still progress.

if you have finished reading this you. are. awesome.
i will give you a virtual high-five and then recommend that we all go to bed now, because my kid is gonna wake up soon. 
so...night friends. 

ps - any ideas on what to put above the crib? or any other issue from above?
i'm still taking suggestions.


  1. I'm right there with you --- almost. I'm, dare I say it, a mother to one of those fairy babies. My oldest slept through the night (12 hours) then took two 2-hour naps during the day. It was glorious. (I credit Babywise) But now I have a 7 week old who is totally throwing me through a loop. I feel your pain. He's the opposite of his sister so far. So, here's to sleepless nights! Maybe knowing someone else out there is going through some of the same stuff... makes that stuff more bearable?

    1. knowing you're not alone definitely helps. hang in their mama. you're doing great. i can't imagine having two...yet. haha. maybe my second will be a good sleeper. (i can dream, right?)

  2. YES. You nailed everything about parenthood. I was also an impeccable parent before I had my children. Everything was black and white and very clear. I'll curse the moms in skinny jeans right along with you. It's okay, it's good for them.

  3. awwww I hope that sweetie lets you get some good sleep SOON. I don't know how I ended up with a fairy baby, but maybe I can mail her to you and she can give Lucas some sleep 101 training?


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