nursery update: we have paint

Monday, May 19, 2014

so here's what happens when you live with a boy.
you move into a house and have grand ideas for how things are gonna go.
mostly decorating.
you're not that into yard maintenance and plumbing stuff.

you dream big. all those pins you've stashed away are waiting for just this moment.
inspiration hits and you're totally pumped.
vinyl decals on the ceiling of the nursery.
removable wallpaper.
the cool kind.
white walls everywhere.
popcorn ceiling removal.
pendant fixture in nursery.

and then you run these grand ideas by your man
 and he squishes them all.
no popcorn ceiling removal (at least for now, he says)
no cool triangle decal ceiling treatment.
no more painting (for now).
no wallpaper.
absolutely no pendant in nursery (followed by "are you crazy, we live in texas").
okay, okay. fine.

you feel totally deflated and lost. because your ideas were the JAM. and he is like that mean kid in the lunch room who comes and licks the jam off your sandwich so now you don't have jam... or lunch.
jam ruiner.

you sulk a little and try to think of new inspiration. your man offers ideas but you aren't in the idea-hearing mood yet. but then he's sweet and eventually you forget he ruined your jam.

almost. ;)

with lucas turning six months old tomorrow (gasp) i figured it was time to put my big girl pants on and let it go (cue Frozen joke). it's about time we get him into his own room again.
compromise must be had.
so i got to paint the room white.
david got to keep the popcorn ceiling.

in all fairness, it's not like he thinks popcorn is awesome. he just thinks NOT taking popcorn down is awesome. so there's that. hard to argue really.

here's the nursery before:

it's sat pretty bare for almost 2 months now.
a decent sized window is about it's only feature. otherwise it's pretty bland. 
and oh that beige.
beige begets beige.
actually our entire house is painted in shades of beige. it's so weird how different lighting (and furniture) can make the same color look different in different rooms or at different times of the day. 
wow, that sentence needs some cpr.

i should mention that painting with an infant is impossible.
we bought low fume/no voc paint but i still wasn't chancing it with him around so we painted on weekends and naptimes. for like 2 weeks.
 took forever.

this was how things looked for a while.
i almost gave up hope of ever finishing these walls.

you wouldn't think covering beige would take so long or so many coats.
i think we ended at like 3 or 4. ridiculous.

but in the end we won and beige-land is no more.
at least in this room. 
we still have some work to do but i feel like the hardest part is over.
here's what it looks like today. 
like literally just a few minutes ago.

Sampson photo-bomb.
please excuse the lifted leg.
i didn't realize he was being so indiscreet. 

here's a list of the upcoming projects:
1. make no-sew curtains with this fabric (it's should be here this week).
2. create art - multiple ideas for this. stay tuned.
3. get crib skirt? i'm still debating this
4. make mobile? i've been to hobby lobby like 4 times trying to figure out what i want and how to do it. plus by the time i get around to it he'll probably be starting high school so it might not be needed.
5. find sheets - i'm super picky. i don't want cartoony/pastel stuff. i also don't want to pay $60/sheet...soooo

the only two items we've purchased so far are the rug (thank you Joss and Main) and pouf (ty Target).
otherwise the rocker, changing table and crib were all gifted. which is awesome but also hard because sometimes it's not exactly what you'd pick. but it's still so awesome you figure out how to make it work. 
and that's where we are now. 

much love and happy Monday from sir drools and his minions.


  1. Look at that cheesy grin! Love it. Congrats on finally painting! I am loving white walls lately, too.

    Oh and PB Kids has nice non-pastel or cartoony crib sheets, and not $60 each either. I think less than $30 in most cases. :)

  2. What a beautiful room! Love it! (Pinterest is terrible about giving you false hope about what you can actually accomplish in a nursery. Justin shot down 98% of my ideas including Navy walls and a painted ceiling. . . *sigh* Still, your nursery is perfection!)

  3. Why do dudes always have to be crushing our totally realistic dreams? Lame. The nursery is looking fabulous. As is that chubby baby. Squish those cheeks for me!


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