niches: a cry for help

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i'm going to start on Lucas's nursery this weekend. 
guys, i have to remove a popcorn ceiling.
it's going to be awful.

collective groan

that's the thing about 90's houses. they thought popcorn was the jam. 
they were wrong.

fortunately my girl Kelly has this awesome tutorial so i'm feeling prepared.

anyway, this post isn't about that.
it's about niches.
great lead-in.

take this one for example.
it sits just outside our kitchen.
you can't really tell but the wall behind it is curved into a semi-circle.
what the heck do you do with that?
no, seriously. i'm asking.
i thought about making it a spot for keys with cute hooks and maybe chalkboard paint.
but i can't stand the way chalk feels.
plus my handwriting sucks so they'll be no cute lettering here.

next we have these two giant ones.

look carefully, the second one is hidden behind the light.
my expert photographic hand at work here.
you're welcome.

ok, so taking down those faux floral arrangements would be the first step to improving the space. 
i should do that.
but really. what next?
how do you make these spaces work?

i'm anti-clutter so i don't want to replace one dust-collector for another.
the niche on the right might be ok with nothing in/on it.
but the one on the left. it's hard to overlook.

i'm totally stumped guys. 
help a girl out.
what would you do with these weird spaces?


  1. I am with you on hating dust collectors so I would go with a large vase of sculpture, making sure the sculpture would be easy to clean - the vase can get washed off in the tub once a year. That would give you a focal point but something easier to clean than flowers - in the cubbie if the item isn't tall enough get a base built for it and paint to match wall of item as you like. The spot off the kitchen is a little harder - not sure what to do there.

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  3. I like the chalkboard idea, and now they have the markers that work on it so you don't have the chalk feeling. Makes me cringe at the thought of chalk feeling. /gag

  4. Niches are weird. It's like they are designed to be awkward/filled with something awkward. Hmmm. I'd put shelves in that semicircle one. How do you make shelves that fit into a semicircle, you ask? Good question. (One for the husbands.) :P


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