Easy Lemon Cream-Cheese Kolaches

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First things first, this blog is a design mess.
There, I said it.
I have no patience for learning how to make it pretty and normal looking. I've tried.
It's just not my jam. It's confusing and takes forever. I don't understand the language.
 Plus, I have a kid to keep alive soooo figure-out-how-to-do-blog-code-stuff OR play with your cute kid? Hmm...yea, gonna wave rattles with my boy.

I bring this to our attention so you know I know it's a hot mess. I want to fix it. I've even tried but I just get frustrated. I thought about hiring someone to help but I have major qualms about paying someone to do anything with it...particularly because this little slice of the interwebz is just for me. I don't make money at it. I don't do anything but ramble. Plus, I'm cheap so if I feel like there's something I could do myself (even when I've tried and failed) I just can't seem to shell out cash to someone else.

But I know I can't keep it like this forever. It's driving ME insane. Stick with me guys. I'm (slowly) working on a solution. I just have to figure out what it is.


When I was a kid my grandparents introduced me to something called a cheese danish.
We were at McDonald's and it was my first experience with cream cheese.
A fast-food breakfast elevated my culinary knowledge? Yes, miracles do happen.
Or I led a sheltered life.
Either way, a love affair was born.

fast forward ten years. 
I'm at a little gas station somewhere between Dallas and Austin.
I eat something called a kolache
My mind is blown. 
Forgotten are the days when a fast food pastry satisfied my morning sugar needs. 
Now a gas station fits the bill.
I'm so high-brow.

That gas station was called The Czech Stop and it's glorious. 
I dunno if I'm having post-baby cravings or what but I've been thinking about cream cheese pastries for weeks now.
 Particularly, The Czech Stop's lemon cream cheese kolaches.
They are legen-wait for it-dary.

  Sunday was a rainy day.
I love rainy days. We get enough sunshine and warmth in Texas. Let it rain.
Who wants to slap me?

anyway, rainy days are for baking.
they are not, however, for taking pictures. or using proper punctuation. 
{I go back and forth between wanting to capitalize sentences or not. also, I have a thing for ellipses. you know (...).}
I also have a major thing for cream cheese and lemon. 
Let's get back on track here.

I didn't want to dirty my kitchen...or drive a few hours to get my cream cheese on...so I grabbed a few ingredients and got to work. 
This was an experiment. I wasn't sure it would turn out.
It did.
My kolache craving was satisfied by these almost-as-good-as-the-real-deal treats.
In a pinch, this recipe works wonders.

These are so simple and so good.
David and I almost ate them all that night.
I said almost. We do have some level of self-control.
Sort of.

Who wants to fix my blog for free? I'll throw in baked goods and snuggles with a 4 month old. ;)

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  1. Loving your blog, it isn't a mess at all and doesn't have to be perfect. I can read and understand all you write very clearly. Thanks for sharing! :)


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