Monday, March 3, 2014

Looks like systems are a'go for this week's closing/move. I'll obviously be busy with all of those shenanigans for the next week or two but check in on Instagram where I'll try to post updates and first looks at the new house.

Speaking of Instagram, did anyone else check this out? I tried to explain to David the awesome-sauce of Clinton Kelly liking AND pining my pin. He didn't get it. "So, does he know who you are?" Pretty sure no, but it's still rockin, dude. Don't hate.

Also, I'm getting kinda sad about leaving our little rental. I get attached to places. Even not-so-cute places. I guess this place is particularly special though because it's where we first became a family of three. David says I'm just always a bit weepy after a move. He may be right.

So grateful for this new home though. Grateful for this crazy new adventure as a family of three. A family of three that almost never was. So grateful. Second (and 43rd) chances are wonderful.

Home is where they are.

Your sappy blogger friend

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  1. I always knew you had fabulous taste. Clinton Kelly is a smart man. I hope your move goes well, wife and mama of that sweet family of 3 whose story makes me soooo happy. :)


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