How not to prep for a move

Monday, February 24, 2014

We close on the new house Friday. Today is Monday. Yikes.
We have 6 boxes packed. If you've come here looking for organization and moving tips...well, you know.

No worries, though. I've decided to be a little worker-bee during the boy's naps this week. And since he usually sleeps for about 30 minutes twice a day, I'm sure to have things ready for the move Saturday. Easy peasy.

right, mom.

I hit a minor delay today when I attempted to kill a rogue spider on the ceiling of Lucas's room. I stood on a step stool and gave two half-committed, half-scared swaps at the killer arachnid. It dropped...somewhere....and I have been wearing close-toed shoes ever since. I'm not taking any chances. 

So in recap, packing is going great. I'm really getting a lot done.

We bought a new couch yesterday. Scratch-that. Sectional. This is a big deal. I used to think sectionals were the minivans of the sofa world. Although I'm still ferociously opposed to minivans, mom jeans/hair, and wearing yoga pants all day (ok, that one is fine) I've changed my mind about sectionals.

Tell you one thing though. I hate how they make you wait. Our new purchase won't be available for two months. two. months. (cue tantrum) I have a hard time understanding how furniture stores work. You buy something that's for sale (as in "available," as in "ready to go home") but then you have to wait weeks upon weeks for it to be in stock. Seems dumb. If you have it in the store you should have it ready to be sent home. Whatevs. So I'll be looking forward to seeing my new furniture purchase May 1st. That's not long at all.

Any last minute packing tips? Volunteers? I'll make sweet tea!!!


  1. What a cute little helper! Hope it all goes smoothly! And stupid furniture stores!!! Why do they do that? I hate waiting!

  2. bahaha. I was nursing Kenley the other night and some giant flying buzzing bug landed on my EAR. gahhhhhhhh. I swatted so fast and furiously that I broke her latch. Oops. :P But then I knew it was still in her room and had visions of it nibbling her in the night, so after I put her to bed, I tiptoed around with the nightlight trying to find it and finish it off. It was quite the ordeal.

    Good luck with your move and your 6 boxes. I feel for ya with the 30 minute naps x2. That too shall pass, though. If there's one thing I've learned about baby sleep at this age it's that no pattern seems to last for very long. :)


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