February Recap

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's 6pm Tuesday. The phone rings. It's David.
so I have some news about closing.... It's been pushed back to next Wednesday.

Although we still had a significant amount of packing to do (except I totally knocked it out of the park yesterday and got all but two rooms completely boxed up) I was ready to get in the new place. But now we have to reschedule movers, change utility set-ups, and my parents are delaying their visit. Boo

What do you mean Lolli and Pop aren't coming to see me this weekend?

On a positive note, we now have a few more days to pack. Lolli and Pop are just postponing their visit one week. And despite my naturally impatient tendencies, I'm rolling with the flow. Ok, I'm still really impatient but that's primarily because I boxed up 90% of our clothes and toiletries yesterday. That's fun. Sorry Dave, you only have one pair of shorts available for the next 5 days. Good thing I thought better than to pack up socks and underpants though, right?

In other news, one of my best friends from high school got married on Valentine's weekend and I was a bridesmaid. She's Pakistani and her wedding was amazing. Seriously, like incredibly elaborate and beautiful.
Guys...I wore a sari.

I admit I was more than a little nervous to wear anything besides sweatpants after having a baby (this momma is still struggling with a little post-baby weight) but I was so surprised how comfortable it was. And my midriff was not exposed, thank you Lord.

If we look a little shocked to be out of the house sans baby...we were. It was awesome.

The other bridesmaids were SO sweet and stunningly beautiful. We had such a great time. 

Here all the bridesmaids with the beautiful couple. Look at Sophie's dress!!!
White is not a traditional wedding color for Pakistani brides and she was stunning. like something out of a movie.

Oh and I gave a speech. I cried. but I survived.
Public speaking isn't my thing.

I love that I'm kinda making a funny face here. Proof that I actually looked up from my shaking hands.

Here we are with the bride, her sister, and 2 sister-in-laws.
Gorgeous ladies. Like whoa.

That dressssssss!! gorgeous. the detail. the color. I can't handle it.

Side note here... Sophie said they were so exhausted at this point (and her head so tired from that gorgeous veil) that she had to force smiles. Poor girl. I remember that totally-sick-of-pictures feeling.

Speaking of smiles...this guy turned 3 months old a few days ago.
A friend of mine got him a onesie with velcro bow ties. so cute.
But the chubba outgrew it before he could wear it so I popped the bow tie onto this chambray shirt and tried to take a sweet smiley shot.

With obvious success.
He's not into this picture business. I'm obviously not into actually attaching a bow tie.

Tough cookie that one. tough but cute.



  1. Boo that your move is pushed back! That's so frustrating! And oh my gosh, you look gorgeous in that sari! What an amazing experience to be part of that wedding!

  2. Faith. YOU are stunningly beautiful. You rocked that sari and probably have been rocking your sweatpants, too. Don't doubt yourself. And you'd missed digging through boxes for your spatulas, right, so orchestrated the postponed closing accordingly, hmmm? (I'm onto you.) Hope it is full swing ahead next time! I'd be anxious, too!

    Oh and I love that non-smile. It will get easier to capture his grin once he starts doing it more often and easily, although I actually still get that same face from Kenley in about 25% of the pictures I take these days. I think it means: What are you doing and why is that thing in my face for the zillionth time today.


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