The return of your smelly blogger

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Well, well, well. Look who decided to open up her laptop today.

It hasn't been intentional dear reader {I'm sure there's only one of you left by now (hi Mom).}
Newborns really are the time-stealing little maniacs everyone says.
But they're cute, so it works.

I put deodorant on yesterday. It was the first time in days. My husband thanked me. I promised myself these things wouldn't happen. But they do. I'm almost embarrassed to say I've become surprisingly happy with 2 showers a week. (Put away your judgey-pants.)

So what have I been doing? Besides not showering that is.

Well, keeping this rugrat alive mainly. 
Also, recovering from major surgery (yep, had to have the c-section. I could talk about that.) 
Changing a ridiculous amount of diapers. 
Being peed on. 
Nursing  (oh nursing...listen I definitely have stories there.) 
Eating whatever I can find (usually old fruit and some kind of cracker or stale cereal in the pantry.) 
And snuggling. I love the snuggling. 

There have been tears, lots of hormones, a little sleep; sometimes a raised voice (poor hubby). The laundry piles are high and I'm not sure when I last ran a comb through my hair.

See...I told you. That hair.
But worth it? Totally.

I'll be back to blogging on a somewhat regularly scheduled basis soon though. We are nearing the end of our stay in the rental and have already started house-hunting. My brain is full of ideas and I can't wait to get settled again. Forget the excitement that comes with home-ownership (although there is that) I'm probably most excited to get our stuff out of storage. Aside from the pain it's been (where is the "much needed item!", the prices are highway robbery.

I'm actually starting to get into a little rhythm with the boy so I'll be creeping back into the land of the living soon. It will feel good to have a new routine. I need routine. Much like I need to write lists on real paper. Or count on my fingers. I'm old school. 

Have a great one, friends! 
See you soon!! Did you just hear a baby laugh maniacally in the background? 


  1. ahhhh he is SO precious. And I can easily see some of your hubby AND you in him, which is awesome...I have two friends who recently had boys and all they ever hear is OMG THAT BABY IS SUCH A MINIATURE [INSERT HUSBAND'S NAME HERE]. :)

    Deodorant? Hairbrush? What are these things you speak of? It's 3:30 and I'm still in my pjs. No judgey-pajama-pants here. :)

  2. SO CUTE! My youngest is 1.5 and I'm still in two-showers-a-week mode. Don't tell anyone.


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