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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My brother is a thespian (hence the nod to zoot-suit days) and my mother (peach top) never wears her hair in a ponytail...so of course I put their best picture on the web...without permission. I'm an awesome family member.

See that belly? It means that energy levels are currently about that of a 79 year old after a long day of bridge and crosswords. This sharing-your-personal-space thing really gets tested when your kid is suddenly crazy strong and cramped for space. Did I mention we have about 6.5 weeks to go? Yea, I'm having daily panic attacks, shortness of breath and waves of nausea (not really...er, most days). But it's definitely a crazy mixture of absolute joy and terror. This whole almost-motherhood thing is both unbelievably awesome and gut-check scary. I'm about to meet a person I've been growing. Who will forever change my life. It's such a head-trip.

PS - who thought it was a good idea to make pregnancy shirts with horizontal stripes? Seriously?! I haven't been able to find any other print in the maternity section and it's baffling...oh, but horizontal stripes come in a variety of colors, widths and other horrors. I sure wish Anthropologie would stop making me feel frumpy and fat with all the catalogs they're sending me. I miss normal clothes.

Good news: We may have decided on a first name.
Bad news: We don't have a middle name yet so I won't be sharing until then.
Gaw, don't you just hate when people do that? 

My bff's also threw me an adorable baby shower a few weeks ago.
I wish I had taken more pics. It was so cute. Unreal. Loved it!!

Look at that mac-n-cheese, y'all. And those apple fruit cups! Which - btw - I ate both content and container without shame. Though perhaps I should have had some.  

I also wish I would have gotten more pics w all my sweet family and friends who came to help us celebrate. Hello woman! You're about to be a mom, which means you've really gotta step up this whole photo-taking thing. Your kid needs full documentation of his first year of life, right? Isn't that in the mom-manual.
Poor guy, he's gonna be so let down.

This pic was like the only one I personally took. Well, I didn't personally take it because there I am in all of my black-dress-hides-everything glory...but still.

Meet (part of) my family. L to R - Step-mom, Aunt, Daddy, me; Grandma.
Daddy just drove the ladies. He and D did man things during all the ooey-gooey estrogen-filled baby stuff.

So sweet.

Let's see...what else have we been up to?

We went to the zoo.
The lions were a big hit. D is kind of a nerd about large carnivores. We visited these girls more than once that day. D didn't want to miss the "zoo keeper talk" and I didn't want a crying 30 year old on my hands.

Speaking of lions.

We went to see The Lion King
No, not the VHS version. Yes, someone asked us that.
And after our very educational lesson at the zoo we were ready to get our roar on. 

See blurry playbill. 

I actually heard a kid in line for the bathroom ask who Simba was. Why are you here kid? Then again, maybe your parents are trying to educate you. Either way I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I wanted to boot that little rugrat out of his spot in the ladies line. 

We bought our tickets 4 months ago and these were the best seats I could find. Not great, but not terrible either. Guess this whole musical thing is pretty popular.

I'm sure we really bothered these sweet little ladies though. They barely moved during the whole performance. I'm not sure they even clapped. I leaned over at one point to make sure they weren't asleep.
We, on the other hand, were loud and proud. And I was crying at one point (it's the hormones people). I might have also joined in song. Did I mention I'm NOT a musical person, like at all? What happened that night was pure magic people. Just ask these ladies who probably were afraid of the lion loonies behind them.
We make friends wherever we go.

So who else can't believe Halloween is almost 2 weeks away? My feet are actually cold tonight and that hasn't happened since like January. One of my besties hosts a Halloween party every year. This year she's also having a costume competition which means D and I have every intention of winning but will probably wait till the last minute and have the lamest costumes there.
Side note: Any ideas for prego/couple costumes? (I'm not painting my belly ANYTHING or gluing bloody, grotesque doll parts to my shirt.)

Speaking of scary....

This creepy sono is the most recent pic of my little boy.
Why people ooh and aah over these beats me. I mean I LOVE getting to see him but can we just be real? There's just something about the technology that leaves a mom really praying her child isn't so frightening in person.

I suppose they are informative though.
Exhibit A: Locate the eye sockets...go up to 10 o'clock...see the white streaks that looks like flames - yea, that's hair. A lot of it. Somehow I never imagined my kid would have a head-full of hair at birth. I have no idea why, considering his daddy and I have locks that more resemble bear coats than hair...but whatevs. Baby has hair and somehow that's the coolest thing to me now.

Oh, and pray for me - we have our first (and only) birthing class this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it through without getting mad or sick. I'm clearly in denial. 

Ok, that was a whole lot of writing for one night.
Mama needs a nap.


  1. You look beautiful!! You're going to love being a mom. Everything changes when the baby gets here and you'll just love 'em and it'll all be okay. You still won't sleep or have any idea what to DO with the baby, but at least it'll be cute. ;)

  2. hahahaha...the old ladies and the Simba-ignorant child. Hilarious.

    You look awesome. And just like your mom, ponytail or not!

    By the way, meeting that person you've been growing makes for the best day ever. I can't wait to "meet" Kenley's future husband. ;)


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