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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Real-life y'all. It's where I've been.
I've meant to sit down and write a post for like a month but every time I think I have the time/energy/etc to do so, zap...away it goes. What can I say? It happens.

But I'm here now and have a well-thought, highly organized post ready for you.
Okay, so if you aren't calling my bluff yet, I am.

I DO have a post though.
Away we go, haters.

I'm not a snacker. I think it's weird to munch on things when I'm not at a table. I dunno why snacking is so popular but apparently it is. However, I bought this for my man who loves popcorn and snacks and also forgets his lunch at least twice a week. We're so similar.
One night he was making so much food-noise (that gross smacking, sighing, "yumming" noise) I'm like what the hizzy is wrong with you?! Then he made me stick my hand into this bag and take a bite.
It's good y'all. Real good. Sweet and crunchy at first, then perfectly buttery and salty and soft.
If I liked popcorn more I might be in trouble.

Like this kind of trouble

Has this been in stores long?!! I admittedly avoid the candy aisle and ignore the last-chance calorie section of the check-out lane, but I have never seen this. like ever. And that's probably a good thing. You'll all be proud to know after careful deliberation I put this bad boy back on the shelf and went my merry way. But if I see one that's made with peanut M&M's, I may not fare so well.

Baby update.
So we're now 11 weeks away from baby-time. Which is totally freaking me out. But exciting. But totally freaky. But exciting. So yea, I'm totally in control of my emotions. And not tired at all. Or making some kind of weird mugshot/duck face here. Totally a pregnancy glow.

We also toured the hospital.
I may or may not have had a minor panic-attack about two hours afterwards. Baby Hulk (nope, still don't have a name) will be making his grand appearance there. Like for reals. It's happening. Oh jeez. I'm getting nauseous again.

Oh, and we've made some progress on his room. 

Impressive, no? Daddy put the crib together and we immediately started using know, to store diapers, baby clothes, and other assorted items. Clearly we're on the ball. 

The rest of the room is stacked high with I'm not sure what. We're not pack-rats. Our rental is storage-challenged and we desperately need a dresser. Actually, we need two: one for baby, one for us. But I'm picky and I want something pretty and a garage sale price. Not so easy to find apparently. D has laid down the law though, so we must find something this weekend or else. 
Don't worry...I have a backup plan to get him an extra bag of that kettle corn and use it as a bribe to buy me extra time. 
I'm totally winning wife and mother-of-the-year. 

Fav things. 
Ok, so there are a few things that I'm totally digging these days.

1) straws. especially pretty ones. 
I drink about 50 gallons of water a day and pretty straws make it more fun. simple as that. 

2) milkshakes WITH giant straws 
This is like the most genius idea ever. Who else hates those tiny regular straws for slurping up all that creamy goodness...uh, everyone, that's who. Way to go giant-straw people!

3) glass water bottles. 
I own two but need more. I carry them everywhere. Which also means I pee all the time. Gotta stay hydrated though. I'm chugging like a boss.

4) Fall is around the corner!!! 
omgeee y'all. I bought fall-scented candles this weekend and I'm totally going for it. I don't care that it's still like 100 degrees past hot - I'm gonna start baking and wearing scarves and leggings. Like dressing for the job you want, I'm totally gonna dress for the weather I want. Come on crisp, cool gorgeous days!!

PS - I've already been dreaming up some crazy good fall-inspired dessert recipes. Doing my first test-batch this weekend. 
Hint: Nutella & pretzels

Anyone have baby name suggestions for us? Who else bribes their husband with food?


  1. I have never seen those M&M chocolate bars either! I'd totally drink one up with a giant straw. As a snack.

  2. We're 4 weeks from baby (WHAT?! When did that happen?!) and her room still isn't ready. So you're in good company. And just wait...soon you will empty your bladder, drink nothing, and have to pee again like 5 minutes later. It's somewhat obnoxious, so it's a good thing it's for a good cause. ;)

  3. Whoa! Just stumbled upon this post while searching "Baby Hulk". That is what I called my son while I was pregnant before we had a name, and still his pseudonym for the blog I have with friends! Weirdness!


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