trash can kerfuffle - we need YOUR help

Monday, July 29, 2013

For years now we have lived with a creature who defies the laws of nature and logic. He's a canine Jekyll and Hyde. One part mild-mannered lounge dog, one part food-crazed maniac. And this weekend he struck again.

Destruction, thy name is Nigel.
{don't look into his eyes. that's how he gets you}

Let me tell you what happened.
Saturday evening I had a major Babe's Chicken craving. Like whoa-stop-the-train-and-let-me-get-off-at-Babes-Chicken-station. Serious stuff.

While we were gone we left the dogs in a room we've specifically designated for their usage. We've started barricading the door because they figured out how to pop it open when we're gone. Smarties

After indulging our {the baby's} need for fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy-glorious-gravy we head home where we were met by destruction.

Someone {it was me} didn't barricade the dogs properly into their room so the escapees had a play date in the house.  Nigel {the blonde face of sweetness above} was apparently overcome with emotion from his liberation and {since it had been over one whole hour since dinner} could not help but celebrate this festive event without food. He found the paydirt in the kitchen where the trash, trash can and  two large, sealed, plastic dog food containers were subsequently devoured.

We have spared you scenes from the full-on carnage. The lid and base above were all that remained. But let me tell you, it was epic. And so was it still the next morning when Blondie barfed up a host of things I couldn't begin to identify. I was lucky enough however to step into one particular batch whose contents I'm happy to report contained grass, some kind of meat remnant, Ziploc bags and plastic shards from what were formerly the trash can and dog food storage containers. Fun times.

So here we are. No kitchen trash can, no dog food containers and at a cross-road...

D wants to buy another (but larger) plastic trash can like this

Sterilite White Swing-Top Waste Bin 54-qt.

I think no. Nigel eats plastic. Why buy him a larger chew toy? When given another opportunity, he'll destroy that too.

I want to buy a large, dual container {one recycling, one regular trash} stainless steel trash can like so {minus the $134 price tag}

Oh, and D also wants to keep using the partially destroyed dog food storage containers {mind you, the lids barely fit and are badly warped...did I mention we buy 40lbs of dog food at a time}. Crazy guy. 

So we need help. YOU must decide the fate of our trash cans/dog food containers. Unless I don't like your answer. Or get impatient. Or find a good deal. But really, you are very important in the process.

What's it gonna be? 
Option A - D's choice of more plastic (bleck)
Option B -  my choice (yay) of a stainless steel dual-compartment trash can

What kind of kitchen trash can do you have? Love it/hate it? Anyone know where I can get a good one for a reasonable price??  


  1. Crazy dog!! I think I'd go with something sturdier even if it was more expensive, just for longevity sake. We still use a trash bag hanging from a doorknob in our kitchen. We have other priorities like, you know, paint herringbone on a wall. :P (It would be different if our kitchen was cute, but it's totally NOT cute. So plastic bag it is.)

  2. B! B! B!

    I'm glad my dog is an angel and doesn't eat stuff. I'd be in so much trouble if he did. #notaresponsibleparent

  3. We bought a Simplehuman trash can, after debating it for over a year - I mean seriously it was over $100!?! But I have to say I LOVE the thing, we have had it for over 3 years and this year when we moved my trash can was one of the things I missed while we waited for our stuff to join us. Get the SS one, and pay for a good one.


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