Losing it over little things

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We didn't do a whole lot but for some reason it feels like we were super busy. D worked Friday and Saturday so we spent some down-time Sunday evening curled on the couch. Nigel tried to join the cuddle-fest but we were mean and said no. I don't know why I thought I needed a blanket. I didn't. It's July in Texas - what is wrong with me?

So this past week has seen some interesting events. I'll call them "events" but really they're headaches. Minor ones really, probably not worth writing about, but they happen to all of us and, if you're highly logical and not-at-all hormonal, can make you cry.

1) Our washer broke last Wednesday. It began spewing water all over the laundry room floor which was loads of fun. Not like a drop or a small trickle. We're talking rainboot worthy. But between the holiday and about 1000 other honey-do projects, D didn't have time to take a look at it until Sunday. Good news: we found the culprit. Bad news: it's a manufacturer's-only part that requires special order. So I sit here in my last clean {and comfortable} pregnancy-suitable outfit with gnats circling my head, feeling a little bit like Pig-pen. {I'm only kidding, it's not that bad....yet}

2) I'm in a bit of a sour mood this morning because I was up 5 (yes FIVE) times last night to pee {tmi?}. It's easy to get cranky when your sleep is disrupted that much BUT I'm trying to remind myself this is just a precursor of things to come. Like a practice run. My sleepy mood wasn't improved though when I tried {ad infinitum} to open my favorite yogurt for a breakfast/blog-time snack but couldn't get the stupid thing to crack. I don't know what my deal is but I can't seem to open a sealed jar, lid, or container for the life of me these days. So I sulked for a few minutes then took a picture of it, like any rational person. 

3) I had hoped to have a great recipe for you regarding that Martha Stewart no-bake cheesecake I mentioned last week but after buying all the ingredients and dumping them in a bowl, I realized my mixer was in storage. Cue shock and wailing. In true MacGyver form, however, I didn't let that stop me. I tried mixing the cream cheese with (first) a spatula and then (cleverly) a fork but sadly neither worked. I was scouring the kitchen for my potato masher when it dawned on me that the dessert was a lost cause. I carried on in my insanity, though, by resorting to the only tools I had left: my hands. I squished that stuff in my palms for about five minutes before finally caving to the laws of baking...and subsequently breaking down in tears. I don't know what would have happened if I continued though because I later realized my springform pan was also in storage, along my mixing bowls, whisks, and who knows what else. {Just add it to the list of other kitchen/household related items we slowly realized we didn't bring here.} 

4) We had our "half-way-there" sonogram appointment yesterday. I was SO excited to get to see the baby again and find out how much he's grown. I knew they'd be doing an anatomy check during the sonogram so I was hoping to find out everything was exactly where it should. But after some initial confusion and several room changes, my sweet doctor came in and explained there had been a scheduling error and the sonographer was on vacation this week. I drooped like a flower. We got everything rescheduled for two weeks but this lady was bummed. 

Any one else having "issues" lately or feeling coo coo for being hormonal over little things? 


  1. I cry every day about one thing or another. :P I guess it goes with the territory. Peeing 5 times a night is definitely no fun, either...but you're right, it's a precursor of things to come!

  2. I am so glad you also love Caddo Lake! Isn't it wonderful? I will definitely use your recommendations next time we are out there! Congratulations on the little one on the way! Every time my dog wakes me up in the middle of the night and I get upset, I realize it will one day just be reality and freak out a little bit. I love your smaller bladder is training you already - haha!


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