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Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm about to hizzy on out of here to get a pre-natal massage, y'all.
{courtesy of my former really does pay to show up on time everyday}

Before I go here's some of my favorite things this week (because I know you couldn't make it through the weekend without knowing):

1.) Swimming! - I'm gonna stuff myself and this growing belly into a swimsuit and paddle to my hearts content this weekend. Or float. I might just float.

2.) Feeling the boy kick - There are plenty of things to dislike about being pregnant {or as I prefer to see it "things no one told you about"} but this isn't one. He's been super active lately. To the point that you can actually see him punching and kicking in there. Which is awesome. And kinda freaky. but still. Love it.

3.) Peanut butter - Before pregnancy, my feelings about peanut butter where best surmised as "meh". I could take it or leave it. But now, oh my, now I love the stuff.
I whipped up these dreamy peanut-buttery and oat-y treats yesterday to squelch the craving.
Craving isn't squelched yet. hand me another.
{recipe coming soon...but it's like ridiculously easy and you've prob seen a similar one around}.

Yes, I recycle pics from my Instagram feed. I'm lazy. so what?

What are your favorite things this week?
Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. oooh those pb oat things look good. Looking forward to the recipe! And kicks ARE the best!

  2. I just now realized you and Erin are preggo together. I'm a quick one. Super fun.

    I love those peanut butter oat ball messes. So good!


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