Emporium Pies: Satisfying One Crazy Prego at a Time

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My favorite desserts are as follows:
a) cookies
a) brownies {a tie for first, I really couldn't decided}
c) cheesecake
d) cake
k-ish) ice cream
q-ish) pie

Besides the obvious weirdness of not caring much for ice cream or pie, most sweet things speak to me. One of the things I dislike most right now about having half of our stuff in storage is that I no longer have access to my baking tools. This house is currently bake-free{sad face}. At least until I find my stuff. Which should be, you know, when we buy a new house and move our stuff out of storage. So like 6-9 months. Awesome. {I'm a highly organized packer, able to add chaos and dysfunction to your next move as well...email me.}

Some strange sweet desire came over me the other day though. Ok, so it's not that strange. Baby brain makes you all kinds of weird, even if you are a little bit already. But I wanted pie. And not just any pie. Pie that makes your mouth open in complete adoration bite after glorious bite (incidentally I also wanted chinese food - which I normally dislike. baby, blame it on the baby.)

I knew just the place...Emporium Pies.

D and I drove down there last week and it went a little something like this:

walk up to order, prego can't decide (tried-and-true or something new?), D lets couple behind us order, he waits, prego still can't decide, large group walks in, hubby warns, hasty decision. oh no I hate hasty decisions. ummmmm, ok, tried-and-true. let's do this. order. pay. SO excited. hurry, grab a seat. talk about pie. think about pie. ooh, pie is ready.
let's eat.

let me get your picture. smile.

me: babe. that was not a real smile. that was creepy.

d: you want creepy? I'll give you creepy.
me: eeeeeeck!!! (flashes to nightmare where son comes out with this expression)

d: laughing
me: ok, but for reals now, can you smile???

d: just let me eat my pie, woman.
me: ooh, right, pie! let's dig in.

so we did.
going. going. gone...

I can't even begin to tell you what happened in my mouth. A party. A happy, happy, coconutty, cool, creamy, party of scrumptiousness. I think there was dancing too.

PS - kudos to Emporium for making this dreamy coconut creation sans meringue. I hate meringue. 
PSS - Dallas-ites, go here. Which you prob already have because it's been around for a while and I'm not trendy enough to have written about it when it would have been cool to do so. 

What are your favorite desserts {if you say "fresh fruit" I'm gonna punch you in the face.}? What are your favorite hometown dessert places? Like for reals, share the love. 


  1. Fresh fruit. :P But seriously, I love brownies and strawberry shortcake and peach pie/raspberry pie/strawberry pie. Oooh and mostly anything with chocolate and PB if it isn't over-the-top rich. Molasses cookies are good, too. And ice cream.

    (Fresh fruit is one of my first loves, truly, though. I'll shield from the punch.) ;)

    1. Haha fresh fruit is a love of mine too...but I never consider it dessert. That category is reserved only for the high calorie stuff. ;)


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