A lost phone and unexpected joy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

** Please excuse the blog construction. I feel like I've invited you over to dinner while I'm still unpacking. I feel so tacky. But then again I don't. It is what it is. Kinda raw and messy. Which is pretty much like me. It may take a while to get this place together. You've been warned. **

Found this oldie today. Gotta love green bean/finger 'staches. Don't worry, we've matured so much since then. Totally ready for parenthood. 

D left his phone at home the other morning which didn't surprise me. He loses and/or forgets things a lot. Things he uses all the time: keys, glasses, wallet; phone. I have a hard time understanding this because I'm run through a mental check-list just about everywhere I go, but D's not that way. He's mister laid-back, no-big-deal. He likes to "jokingly" ask me what I did with {said lost item} just to annoy me. Funny.

The forgotten phone wouldn't have been an issue except for the fact that the paint guy was coming and D was supposed to meet him sometime that day. But a forgotten phone meant that Paint Guy and D would have a hard time reaching each other. Fortunately, a quick email from yours-truly and disaster was averted. And by disaster I mean the heap-load of anxiety I would have felt alone with a stranger in the house. But fortunately D got my email and all was well.

{D is chill. I'm not. Go team.}

But let me back up...so D asked me to go through his phone to find the Paint Guy's number. I found it, emailed him back, and didn't think of it again until later when it hit me: he asked me to go through his phone. 

I know it seems silly but this small thing is pretty huge in our world. Before our marriage really went to the crapper last year he was protective of his phone. He had a password for it and would get upset if I wanted to see it. It was a point of contention for a long time.

But today, today he asked me to look at it. There wasn't a password. I didn't have to ask permission. I wasn't sick to my stomach about what might be there. I didn't hastily look through emails and text messages. I didn't even think about it. No defensiveness. No fear. No weirdness. Because today these two crazy, messed-up folks experienced a tangible reminder of God's grace and forgiveness.

And that's awesome.


  1. Your last few posts have been so amazing! I just want to say thank you for being transparent about the issues you guys have been going through. I'm so sorry that you guys went through what you have, but it is so cool to see the place God has brought you to! Very powerful!

  2. Praise God! This was so encouraging!


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