Scrooge and the Dutch Oven

Monday, November 12, 2012

My 29th birthday is a few weeks away.
I'm having some major issues with the whole thing.

Something about coming to terms with my last "20-something" birthday is rather sobering.
That and the fact that my life has been completely turned upside down this year (for another time).

Despite outside protestations that my life, in fact, will not be over that day, I can't but help wrinkle my nose and exclaim:
Bah! Humbug!

So in other words, I'm already a crotchety old man 
(but I still have my hair).
It's the beginning of the end people.
I need to start breaking out the wrinkle cream.

What this has to do with a $225 Dutch oven is as good your guess as mine.
But it's my blog, so my prerogative.
nanny-nanny boo-boo.

I'm so mature.

But just cast your eyes on this Le Creuset Dutch oven for a moment.
Take a deep breath and let the days worries just roll over you.

I look at that thing and smell comfort. 

This magical little pot's mood-lifting powers are almost equivalent to a piece of chocolate cake.
I said "almost".

There's just something I love about a Dutch oven.
All the possibilities.
etc etc etc...

I love their durability and tradition. I mean those suckers last. Like my great-grandchildren will be using it.
They're virtually indestructible - and if you've seen (or heard) me in the kitchen, that's a necessity.
My grandma has one that I've already called dibs on. I've thought about sneaking it out of her house one day, but those puppies are heavy and I'm not sure I'd be able to make it through airport security either.

So if anyone feels like contributing to my own little cast iron Zanax please feel free to email me any time before the end of the month.

ps - I'm kidding (mostly).

Ever cooked in a Dutch oven? Love/Hate/No idea what I'm talking about?
What about birthdays you'd rather forget? Any tips for getting through?


  1. I WANT ONE. Really bad. I have nothing to make a roast in. Sigh.

    I know life has been not what you planned lately...but let me just say I dreaded turning 30. Now at 32 I am LOVING my 30s. I bet you'll be the same way after your "the end of my 20s" mourning period has passed. AND you have one ENTIRE FULL YEAR of being a 20something left! :-) Maybe you should email me (us!) a update.

    And what exact date is your birthday?

  2. I've been slooooowly changing all my nonstick pans over to enameled cast iron, because it is NOT cheap, but it's so much healthier. So far I have one. Also, I just turned 29 and I was mostly okay with it until I read this post, and realized for the first time that it's the last 20-something birthday. What is happening to us?!!

  3. Dude. Try 30. That birthday hit me hard. 31 is coming up. I think I'm good and I'll just stop at 30.

    And yes, invest in some good wrinkle cream. You'll thank me.

    I'm intrigued by Dutch Ovens. I don't know that I would ever use one but they sure look pretty.

  4. I've seen these at Home Goods. The LeCruset ones. I think they're still like $150... but that'd help. Just incase you got any contributions to your fund :)

  5. Oh, I have a severe love relationship with Dutch ovens, especially enameled ones. I actually got a bright blue lodge cast iron pot for like $50 a year or so ago, and we replaced the rubbed knob with a metal Le Creuset knob (I know, sneaky!), and it's my best pot. Perfect for stews, no-knead bread, sauteing etc.... Of course, if you go camping then you can't go wrong with a traditional black, cast iron dutch oven with feet on it. Oh, don't you just love those little feet! Anyway, cast iron's the best. Happy approaching birthday! / Linn @ TheHomeProject


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