Pompom, Mint, & Pumpkin Happies

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So something happens when the calender turns November:

  • Hallmark movie channel starts promoting their newest batch of unapologetically cheesy holiday films (that I inevitably fall for every year).
  • Target starts sending me catalogs full of children's toy ideas which I think is strange considering there are no children in my home.
  • And I start telling myself I need to start holiday shopping...every week...until Dec 20th.

The holidays are a'comin folks. They are a'comin.


Most commercial wrapping paper bores me to tears. If I see one more crudely drawn Santa or arrowhead masquerading as a Christmas tree, I'm going to scream.
Last year's gift wrap was divine but I made the glitter error. Oh my, what a pain. That sparkly stuff got everywhere. I think I even found some in the kitchen last weekend.
This year I'm digging those gorgeous pompoms.
They'll probably fall off too but that's what hot glue is for.

Source: jcrew.com via Faith on Pinterest

My 29th birthday is at the end of this month (cue sobs).
This mint green coat is atop my bday list (Christmas too - I won't discriminate).
Gimme gimme.

Ok, any other Top Chef fans out there remember sweet, southern Carla?

This lovely little lady is now a co-host on a daytime food show called The Chew.
Who knew? (I did not mean to rhyme).
Today she whipped up this delicious pumpkin cake with pumpkin mousse layers and chocolate ganache topping.
Mario Batali told her it was the best thing she's ever made. With a statement like that I have to try this recipe people...and soon.
Have to. 


Any other wrapping paper snobs out there? Share your favorites with us. 
How about funky colored winter coats? Who's with me?
Btw- who else has seen The Chew? Thoughts? I for one really like it. Love me some Clinton and Carla. 

Happy Friday friends!!


  1. I just bought a yellow pea coat. :) That mint green one is gorgeous!

  2. I just love this post. I love Christmas. I love creative wrapping paper. I love food network shows (although I haven't seen the chew) and I love pumpkin anything. So yeah. Go November!

  3. Happy pre-29th-birthday. I'm about five days in to 29 and so far it hasn't ruined my life. I'm on the hunt for a funky colored jacket at this very moment!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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