When the DVR accuses you of being old and other 21st century travesties

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's short exercise will teach us all a critical lesson about stereotyping.

 If you're the type of person who judges others by the shows they watch, you're probably about to assume I smell of Aspercreme and mothballs.
I don't by the way. 
My favorite show just happens to be flanked by commercials for life insurance and catheters. 
I don't understand why.

Fact: I'm only 28. 
Fact: I like laughing.
Fact: Frasier makes me laugh. 

Now where's my cardigan, it's getting chilly?
(disclaimer: proud cardigan lover here) 

Before you watch this clip, maybe you should know that I think it's my background in psychology that makes me especially prone to this type of humor. 


You just judged me didn't you? ;)


  1. Yay for cardigans. They are the best. One of my friends and I have a contest for who wears a cardigan in a not so appropriate for a 30 year location. She has me beat with workout clothes and a cardigan at the mall.

  2. There is a station here that plays classics like I Love Lucy and we love it. We comment all the time about how it is obviously for old people because of all the commercials about the safety chair lift and orthopedic shoes. We can be old ladies together. I will bring my cardigan. ;)

  3. We ARE old, my friend. Bad news. The shows we used to watch are on nick at nite now. Actually I don't even know if nick at nite still exists.


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