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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've gotten out of my workout routine lately. I didn't mean to but one day turned into a few which turned into a several weeks.
Whyyyy is it so easy to get off track and so hard to get back on?
I've still done well at staying active but I miss muscle-quivering, sweat-drenching workouts.
Side-note that's not especially related: Can I please get a high-five for A) being in the Texas sun AND B) receiving NO sunburn whatsoever? I've also found an organic sunscreen that I like. But I'm not gonna lie, I miss the ozone-depleting aerosol, especially when applying my back. Tips? 

Tuesdays are good days if you follow the Tone It Up girls (free btw so you should). It's the day they post a new (and free) workout routine (video, download, and printable ready too). This week they had a special guest with them who shared an isometric (small movements, big burn - a paraphrase) workout called:

The Beach Barre Workout

Source: via Faith on Pinterest

I saw today's workout and my thought process was as follows:
"Hmm, it's for legs. I like legs. 
No weights, no special equipment or techniques. Just some stretching and small movements. 
I got this. Look at me working out again."

*blank stare*
I'm a fool.

My slightly tanned legs are still shaking.
It's been 3 hours.

Maybe I'm just a weakling (a distinct possibility) but Karena and Katrina seemed to be having a tough time too so maybe the workout is just that good.
I'll stick with that.

Up for the challenge? Give it a shot and let me know what you think. 
And by that I mean tell me it was hard.
I will also accept admitting to laughter at the seated, scooped-pelvis part.
Awkward moments are fun.


  1. Seated, scooped pelvis part? I'm in. ;) No really, I should purposely exercise a lot more than I do. I so admire you for making it a priority. :)

  2. dude this looks awesome...i will be attempting it this weekend. i'll let you know how long my legs shake. so proud of you for staying active!! it can be so tough to do!

  3. I dunno, I'm going to need my legs a lot this week. I did an hour long club boxing circuit class and an hour long kickboxing class last Monday. It took 4 days before I could finally sneeze without my abs feeling like they were going to burst open.


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