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Friday, July 6, 2012

I no longer have any original or creative ideas of my own. They all come from blog buddies or Pinterest.
I said it. We all know it's true. I'm ok with it.

Here are today's junk-drawer thoughts.

Pet Peeve of the Day:
People who don't have chargeable devices but hog the outlets at public wifi spots.
You know them. The guy who's w/out any electronic device but is sitting on top of the only free outlet and staring you into oblivion while you stealthily searching to find a seat near said lone plug.
Not that this happened to me minutes before writing.
*Addendum: I just looked down and realized there's a fancy black strip running against the wall behind me. I apologize to Mr. Flat-top and will henceforth keep my smartie-pants remarks to myself.*

DIY "To-Do:"
I'm always a fan of cheap, original art (who isn't?).
I particularly love simple, large scale pieces.
This one is just too good to pass up. I'm going to have to try my hand at it - and soon.
I'm thinking of tackling Hobby Lobby for one of their great sales on pre-stretched canvas.
Then I will paint my canvas with the names of places I've never been but think are cool.
I jest.
Mine will actually feature the names of some of my favorite "been there" spots.
(Hint: Bar Harbor (Maine), Caddo Lake (TX), Tolo (Greece) will be a few of the lesser knows  atop my list.)

Cookies I MUST Make:
It's no secret, the dessert I'd chose above all others would be the practical, portable; versatile cookie.
When I saw these I almost fell over. I've never seen anything like it. They are made using the same technique as those millefiori beads and I must know how to make them.
Unfortunately this link isn't to the direct source and I (upon scouring the internet for far too long) couldn't find it's origin.
If you know the source, please let me know so I can properly cite it.

Source: ffffound.com via Faith on Pinterest

I did find a pretty helpful tutorial on the millefiori technique but the cookies are rounded both in shape and color-blocking so I'm still not sure exactly how to turn these rectangular puppies out.
But I will, friends, I will.

Summer Shoes:
Even if I didn't live in Texas, I'm pretty sure I have the kind of feet that would be openly rebellious to close-toed shoes. Except for boots, I always make an exception for boots.
My current (read: favorite) sandals are so worn out that instead of the usual "click, click" as I walk, they make a "click, slap, smack" sound. Sole separated from insole separated from toe pad. 
Normal people buy new shoes, I gorilla-glue them back together. Notice a theme here?
But these have me reconsidering.

Adorable right? But the best part is that they are only $23.60.
My real-life friend Katy shared these on her blog {plus she's hosting a fantastic giveaway for this shop} so check them out if you like cute, inexpensive stuff.

Road Trip?
Exotic trips are nice but sometimes it's just as fun to discover parts of your state you never have before. These 10 Texas Hill Country adventures should either A) give you a reason to visit this great state of mine or B) ignite your desire to explore the nifty-neato places within a few hours from where you live.
I promise you have something.

 (Do I smell a girls weekend in the Texas Hill Country?)


OH! Remember this? I finally bought a natural bristle brush.
All the difference in the world. LOVE IT.
Get one.


What are your haphazard thoughts today?
Anyone else ever make an idiot of herself at a coffee house? No? Just me then.

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. That sign is so cool! I also like large-scale art. Way better than little stuff, in my opinion.

    Cookies-no idea. I get dizzy just thinking about how that would even work. I consider it kitchen exertion when I use a spoon instead of the melon baller to put my cookies on the sheet. ;)

    And the only reason I've never made a fool of myself in a coffee shop is because I don't drink coffee and therefore don't frequent coffee shops. :)

    1. I don't like coffee either. I get tea. Always. And bum free wifi. :)

  2. I love that sign - I want to buy (make??) something HUGE to go on The Ugliest Wall Ever in our downstairs living room by the TV. Its almost too ugly to blog about. You may have inspired me!

    I love your random blog posts!!!

  3. Sure do like that sound of a girls' weekend. We haven't spent that much time together since youth group. (That just made me very sad...)


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