Because You Can't Exfoliate Too Much

Monday, June 25, 2012

Actually you can...
Maybe I should re-think that title.

So, hello Texas summer with your 100+ degree days.
I left work Friday and was met with a most unpleasant summer side-effect: bum blisters.

Ok, not really blisters but you know the thing that happens when:
A) you have a car with leather interior
B) you forget to crack your windows before you head into work that morning,
C) it's Friday and you're in such a hurry to get off that you ignore the pizza-oven-type heat waves emanating from the open car door and hop right in anyway.
Beware friends, yelping, crying, and searing pain are sure to follow. 

I was afraid to move my hind parts at first. There was a split-second when I truly feared my bum and thighs might be permanently seared to the seat. Fortunately, I was able to protect my posterior by sitting on my delightfully over-sized purse for the duration of the drive home.

Don't crack your windows, buy one of those silly reflector thingies, or wait for the car to cool off.
Nah, just sit on your handbag and blast the AC. You'll cool down eventually.

Clearly I've been sweating a lot lately. And applying gobs of sunscreen.
I'm kind of a sunscreen snob truth-be-told. Well, only if buying the spray stuff counts.
Why bother smearing white goop all over when a gentle misting-spray is available? Plus, I always miss spots w the lotion and it takes like 20 years to absorb. Ick. No, thanks. Give me the spray. 

source - my fav btw

Speaking of sunscreen,  my brother keeps telling me that SPF protection over (I can't remember...think it was) 35 (?) is ineffective. He told me the reason but I can't remember. 
Any smarties out there know if that's true or not? 

All this sweating and poor-clogging is leaving me with a bit of an exfoliation complex so I was excited to run across this blog post about dry brushing the other day from Delighted Momma
BTW - I read the post then took a look around her blog. Love it. Check it out if you're looking for simple recipes, diy tips, pics of adorable babies, and loads of skincare/beauty tips from a former esthetician. 

I bought a dry brush last weekend and am happy to report pleasant results so far.
The only thing was (and I didn't realize this until afterwards), I bought a synthetic brush instead of natural bristle. Oops. I shall rectify this soon, but in the meantime I use it extra gently.
I will say it feels great in the morning and my skin is looking soft and healthy despite all the summer skin spoilers.
I'll keep you posted. 

Anyone else ever tried dry brushing? 
What is your favorite sunscreen? Are you a spray or lotion kinda person?


  1. I've heard that about high SPFs too. I've gotten snobby with my sunscreen lately since I've been reading about all the chemicals in them. We're spending bazillions of dollars on safe sunscreen for Weston now.

  2. This made me giggle! I've actually not tried a dry brush, but I have a trip to Target planned later and I think I'll add it to my list. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hmmm Rick has mentioned the SPF thing but I can't remember the specific smartness right now. I will ask him. I recently bought organic sunscreen and will never return to the greasy stinky other stuff. We should begin a sunscreen snob club, probably.


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