Random Thought Wednesday

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random Thought 1: 
I can't believe it's May.




Nope, still hasn't sunk in.

Random Thought 2:

So feminine. 
So flattering.
So lovely.


Not a color I would usually pick, but this dress is perfect for a summer wedding or outdoor event. 

Ok, so the bathing suit has nothing to do w/ peplum,
it's also not in my usual color family,
But I absolutely LOVE it.

Am I the only one still thinking it's 2011 out there?
Has anyone actually bought a bathing suit yet? 
Does it freak you out to try them on? It does me. I go in fully armored. 


  1. I looove that swimsuit! At three weeks post-partum, the idea of wearing a swimsuit grosses me out. :)

  2. I somehow missed the whole it being May thing too. I'm blaming vacation.

    I bought a new top this year. That's kind of cheating though. It's the bottoms that suck.

  3. i keep forgetting it's may too! we have a huge project for work due at the end of may and i keep thinking we have TONS of time to work on it. or not.

  4. So with you! I've definitely written 2011 on my dates more than once lately. Isn't it wierd how time flies when you get older and when you're a kid a month (let alone a YEAR) seems like an eternity?


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