Potato Peels, A Plunger, and My Favorite Room

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I break things.
Mechanical, electrical; fragile things.

I'm visiting my mom and decided to make her dinner tonight (yep, good daughter).
I was cleaning up when I suddenly realized I'd made an error:
Potato peels down the garbage disposal.
Apparently in my mother's kitchen they clog drains by turning into an unyielding dam of goop and starch.
Ha, not in MINE.

An hour and many failed attempts later, I'm standing atop my mother's kitchen counter {straddling the sink} while forcing a ridiculously stiff plunger into a swirling vat of sludge.

The story ends well, friends.
But not before the nasty, particulate-filled water exploded (via the other drain) into my face.
It was a sight.

I needed three specific rooms tonight after this debacle.
Which got me thinking {follow me here}...

Next to kitchens and bathrooms, the single most important room in any house to me is {any guesses?}...


My current space is about the size of a closet.
I can walk in, but no folding, prepping, and/or other utility tasks occur in this tiny place.
I never thought I would care about a space to wash stinky garments.
I mean how much time do you really spend there?

The answer, my friends, is too much.

I HATE folding on beds, couches, or chairs. Inevitably a piece of clothing falls on the dog-hair laden floor. (Listen, I fight the good fight but w two labs I'm always at a disadvantage.)
I HATE not having enough space to store or organize things.
Plus, I have felt for years that I needed a utility sink.
Yes, I do. 

My heart goes pitter-patter for rooms like these

Source: decorpad.com via Beth on Pinterest

Know what I just realized?

These are 99% white.
I really do like color and print.
And wood, wood is good. 
But am I crazy to think white is still good for a laundry room?
Perhaps, but I stand beside it proudly. 

Ever have garbage disposal woes?
What are your favorite household rooms? 
Anyone else a laundry room nut like me?


  1. Swoon! Those laundry rooms are so pretty!

    I've definitely done the potato peels thing! My husband spent and hour fishing them out of the trap! Oh and onion peels do the same thing.

  2. Ooh pretty pictures. Our laundry currents shares space with a half bath. Not ideal. I would totally have freaked out if nasty sludge had exploded on me from the drain. EW.


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