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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Nester has been one of my favorites for a while now.
Her popular home-decor blog is full of amazing tips, ideas, and beautiful spaces for owners (and renters) alike.
(The first time I saw her horizontal stripe curtains I almost had an aneurysm {the trend was new then but I still love them.})
Her tag-line: "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful," is a life-lesson I need to be reminded of often (not just for decorating either.)
Hello "type A." 

She posted this Wednesday.
It's a little different than usual but I absolutely had to share it with you.

Well...although I've sponsored a girl in Colombia (her name is Vanessa) for 6 years now, this isn't a plug for Compassion.

The truth is:
Life has been extremely difficult for me lately.
Sometimes I feel like I'm churning inside a tornado; unable to distinguish up from down, right from left.
It's easy to lose perspective in places like that.
It's easy to forget the world is bigger than you.
Her post reminded me what gratitude, faith, and hope really look like.
It righted my perspective.
And kinda made me wish I was her bff...but maybe I felt like that before. It's hard to say.
Oh, and now I want to visit Tanzania too. Yeowza, is it beautiful!

This may or may not touch you the way it did me...and that's fine. 
I realize all of us are in different places.

I just needed a gentle reminder to be patient and kind today.
To be generous and understanding and loving. Wherever I am.
We all need it. Some of us even need extra doses every now and then.
So step out of the way and consider someone as more important than yourself.
Life will be richer.
Because really, those are the things that make us full anyway.



  1. So sorry life has been tough for you lately, Faith! Perspective is good....if there is anything specific we can pray for you let me know!

  2. What Katie said!

    I just finished reading that post and it WAS beautiful. We have 2 kiddos from Compassion and it would be amazing to meet them.

  3. I've been loving what the nester's been writing about compassion too! We have 2 compassion kids and if we weren't such terrible non-writing sponsors, I'd love to have more. :) I hope things are looking up for you, I'm so sorry to hear it hasn't been easy lately!

  4. That post is awesome! What a great reminder! I've been sponsoring a child from Compassion for 6 years and it's something that I don't ever see myself not doing.

  5. So sorry that you're having a tough time. I know the feeling you're talking about and it's never fun to experience. I think you said everything best in the last paragraph.


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