Martha Stewart's Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I haven't been sleeping well lately.
If I don't get my hours I'm this....

Yes, I'm Nemo's dad. 
Or a grumpy gills...whatever. 
(I don't wanna hear it you sleep-mutants who proudly rule the world with a blink and a cat nap.)
Old girl needs 8-9 solid hours.
I'm like an infant.

So I was driving around Tuesday running some errands in my foul, sleep-deprived mood when a thought landed squarely in my lap:


That was it.
Message received loud and clear.

Recipe via Martha Stewart

I cut the recipe in half b/c I thought it sounded too big.
Plus, anytime a recipe lists the size of the baking sheet I tend to ignore it and "experiment."
Oh - I also used mini chocolate chips. Because I like them better.

These turned out delicious though.
And, (if I might make a suggestion) are THE PERFECT dunking cookie.
Mmmm hmmm.

I love cookie bars.

They turn a bad day around.

End of story.  


  1. I love cookie bars too. They remind me of being a kid when I tried to make chocolate chip cookies but didn't have the patience to change them out of the oven over and over so I always just threw them in a pan and made bars. Now I'm older, wiser and more patient so I make cookies while just eating all the raw dough.

  2. There is nothing like sugar to make the world a better place! Sleep tight!!

  3. We're a lot alike. I use baking as therapy too. These look delicious! I hope you get more hours of shut eye soon!


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