Inspiration Monday

Monday, April 2, 2012

I don't drink coffee.
Will you still be my friend?

My caffeine-less form is dragging a bit this morning. I need a little visual jolt.
A little inspiration if you will.

This might just be my new favorite way to imbibe. I'm already feeling inspired.

Beautiful stationary makes me want to cry.
Now if someone could teach me how NOT to ruin such loveliness w/ my hen-scratch.
I'd be ever-so grateful.

To the non-baker this may be just a silicone mat...but oh, oh, to me this is a thing of beauty, of possibilities, of the "what could be."

Simple, classic. LOVE.

Source: via Faith on Pinterest

Makes me either want to learn how to use a real camera (not my phone) OR go to the beach.
I'm not sure.

I'm obsessed with Sprinkle Bakes.
How beautiful are these simple edible-flower lollis?!

I must have mint denim (and blush...note: NOT green and pink...silly designers. that would be too bourgeois.)
I can't handle the louder colors, but these soft hues, oh yes.

I really want to crawl back in bed but I'm inspired to get my workout on.
Actually I did this workout the other day (remember broken toe = no cardio) and LOVED it.
My shoulders were burning so good. Just in time for tank-top season.

Happy Monday!
Anyone else having a hard time getting up and going this morning?
What inspires you on days you wake in a funk?
Any non-coffee drinkers out there or am I the only soul on the planet?


  1. I will still be your friend even though you do not drink coffee. :-) I love this post! (Except for the mint jeans - ew!)

  2. My husband doesn't drink coffee either and although I'll never understand I can move on:) I love it ALL!!

  3. I don't drink coffee! Tried thanks. Love that beach photo and just about everything else. I'll never own mint jeans--I barely wear regular jeans...something about needing to look older than my students? :P--but those are some cute inspiration photos for them!

  4. love love love the mint jeans!! i'm a coffee drink so i totally can't relate to this post. ;)

  5. I wish I drank coffee...much better than my poisonous diet dew that I can't rid from my life!

    I'm loving those mint jeans but I'm too big of a chicken to actually wear them.


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