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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or coffee), and let's chat shall we?
It's girl-talk time.

Today's topic: Bras. 

I've long had problems finding the right fit, shape, size, durability, etc.
(I am not generously nor minimally endowed, tall, disproportionate, or otherwise challenging to fit.)

Today I'm fed up.
It all started when my $50 VS bra straps started shredding elastic strings.
Yes, I follow the care instructions.
Someone pulled one yesterday thinking they were removing a stray hair. The tell-tale zipping sound embarrassed us both.
No, friend. That's just my bra. Falling apart.
Just release the string and let's forget all about this.

If I spend $50 on an undergarment the thing better be near invincible.
Especially considering I've not even had this one for a year.
Am I too cheap?
Is it so much to ask that my daily delicates not disintegrate so soon?
I've bought cheaper (Target) and had worse and quicker developing problems (re: wire in ribcage) but this is ridiculous.

What's a girl to do?

Clearly I must be missing something.
My mother either failed me at some point or I lack something in the female genome that codes for undergarment wisdom.

Where do you buy bras?
Do you have problems like me?
Do you handwash yours (please say no)?
Is there any other place in the world to buy good bras or is VS the only one?

 The Stringy-Strap Girl


  1. I am with you. $50 for a should last till I'm 40, right? I buy my bras either at VS or sometimes Kohls/JCPenny/Target...I have a hard time spending so much money on a bra from VS!!

  2. I'm so cheap with bras. I only own two that I actually like. I got them both at Target. I am obviously a huge fan of fancy undergarments. I'm afraid to buy one from VS and then hate it. Let's just blame this on our moms. It seems easier.

  3. Ugh. I hear ya. I can't wear VS bras. They create the fat pad thing in front of my armpits. Gross. That and they make my boobs pointy. I typically wear Maidenform (bought at Kohls or Macy's) but they went rogue on me and changed my favorite bra. I will say that these suckers last. I've had my four favorite bras for 3+ years. I wash them in lingerie bags (one bra per bag) on delicate, and I hang them to dry.

  4. I have NEVER had luck with bras ever. The wires always poke out. I've never had any elastic issues. I have a few from Aerie that I enjoy, but they size small and I probably shouldn't be wearing them. Good luck finding the perfect bra!

    Oh, and I wash mine in a garment bag whenever I get around to it. Sounds gross I'm sure, but for something you wear daily that don't last long it seems to help them hold up longer.

  5. LADIES LADIES LADIES how I feel your pain-- Im hard to fit girl I'm well-endowed but petite framed...doest bode well for clothes.. Usually VS is the only place that I can Find bras that fit.. 32 DD go figure...
    I lucked out one day and a very good salesGuy from VS told me the secret. Always Always keep your receipt. If something happens to that bad boy within 6 months they will REPLACE it....
    Now I've only ever had to replace one but its nice to know that they stand by their products!


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