Austin Getaway

Friday, April 20, 2012

Last weekend we took a little impromptu trip down to Austin.

The weather wasn't super cooperative (overcast and threat of thunderstorms the whole time) but it was still a nice break from the norm.
A few highlights for your viewing delight:
(oh! I FINALLY got a new camera {cheap, not dslr...or whatever you fancy-pants use.})
Exciting stuff.

I'm still dreaming about this lemon cream cheese perfection.

You guys know I love my pastries.
There's a little Czech bakery at a gas station just off the highway that is a MUST-STOP.
I know, you think I'm nuts.
D did too.
I told him it would be worth it.
It was.

D's now looking into shipping possibilites for their outrageously good kolaches (and jalapeno cheese bread - he ate a whole loaf in one day.)
{Shout out Czech Stop Bakery in West, TX}

We got a half-a-dozen kolaches on our way down.
We wanted to stop for a refill on our way back home but time wouldn't allow.

Like how I watermarked this photo?
I know someone is going to want to steal this little visual snack.

Just before we got into Austin we saw a sign for the Inner Space Cavern.

We decided to see what all the hype was about.
And creep out little children...

It was pretty amazing actually.
We took the shortest tour but there was so much more to see.

For any interested:
The cave boasts 98% humidity w a temp about 73 F.
It was surprisingly comfortable.
My hair took a walk on the wild side though.
Ha. When doesn't it?

We stayed at Lakeway Resort and Spa on Lake Travis, just outside of Austin in the Texas Hill Country.
It was a beautiful resort with so many amenities and things to do.
Our view was beautiful.

I was majorly bummed that the pool was too cold to enjoy though...darn the weather.
I had plans of spending quite a bit of time in the adults-only pool w the swim up bar.
I consoled myself by settling for the normal one instead. ;)
Free happy-hour helped too.

Funny story (but not really):
So we were getting ready to go to bed Saturday night.
Freshly showered, teeth-sparkly, jammies on; sleepy eyes.

Suddenly I notice a black jumping speck on the white duvet.
I'm paralyzed.
D captures/smashes the jumping thing.
We both stare in disbelief.
A flea?!!

I gasp.
Within 10 seconds two more come bounding out of their bed-linen hiding places.
I freak out.
Jumping, shaking, running; flailing.

D calls the front desk.
We pack up.
They apologize.
We're given a new room.
We check the new beds.
I take another shower.
Crawl in bed at 1:30am.
Not relaxed.
Can't sleep.
Mind is playing games: I feel things. crawling. on. me.

Twas a long night.

Apparently, the resort allows pets up to 30lbs inside the rooms. 
I guess the hotel guests before us had flea-biten muts curled up under the covers.
Great for them I guess, the pets that is. 
Terrible for us.
Don't they wash sheets between guests?!!

Ugh. Still gives me shivers.

The hotel comped our dinner, valet parking, and the difference in price b/t our room and the new one.
And they should have.
Fleas are a no-go.
Sorry, but it's true.

Sunday (after eating our leftover kolaches) we went to explore Austin.
D had never been to the Texas State Capital.

Scaredy-cat Faith made it up to the 4th floor and looked over.
(I have the picture to prove it, Mother.)

On our way home we ate at The Salt Lick in Round Rock.
I'd seen it on the Food Network and my expectations were high.
We were unfortunately disappointed.

The meat was great...
But the bbq sauce and the sides were less than stellar (in my opinion)
and I hated the seating.

I have a very firm rule about BBQ and it revolves around the sauce.
If it's bad, the place is a bust.

And that's just what happened.
The sauce tasted overwhelmingly of sweet mustard and didn't have the typical color of a red-based sauce.
Which it isn't, clearly.
That wouldn't have bothered me much (the color)...I just didn't like the sugary mustard taste.
D said it tasted like maple syrup and the yellow stuff.

It overpowered the meat instead of complimenting it.
We even asked if they had another sauce.
They brought a spicy version of the same sauce.
Wah wah.

Again, just my opinion.

Plus I was disappointed there were only 3 sides, none of which I like:
Potato salad
cole slaw
baked beans

And if you're thinking it's just my bizarre buds, D isn't picky.
He took one bite of his potato salad and didn't touch it again.
Cole slaw was for decoration.
Beans were ok. He ate those.

I will say, however, that the sauce on the beans was good.
I actually dipped my meat in that instead of the bbq sauce.
It was better.

I talk about food way too much.
I think it's lunchtime.


Any fun plans for the weekend?
Ever find something unexpected in your hotel room?
What are your favorite short-distance getaways?


  1. EW about the flea. At least it wasn't a bedbug? (And at least you got something good out of it with the free dinner, etc.?) I am getting hungry after reading all this talk of pastries and bbq, even if it wasn't GOOD bbq. Hot dogs for dinner tonight? Does that count as bbq?

  2. Sounds like a great time (minus the fleas)! B and I are trying to plan a trip to Austin next month to see our good friend/former next door neighbor. We've always wanted to go to Austin so we're trying to make it happen before he moves again in July.

  3. minus the fleas, i'm glad y'all got to get away. i've always wanted to stay at a place like that bc lake travis is a beaut. minus the fleas.


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