Walk, don't run

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday morning I woke up and walked into the bathroom when I heard my phone ring.
Like anyone of supreme importance, I realized that whomever was calling needed me.
I must get to them.
So I ran.

In what can only be described as a collision of irony and farce, my frenzied (yet well meaning) efforts to rescue the caller ended with, well, this result:

{Squeamish alert! Avert your eyes, sensitive ones.}

Poor baby piggie.

Silver-lining speaking: My errant maneuvers were not in vain. I caught the call and avoided having to listen to voice mail (hate!). Even more importantly, I held in the sea of expletives clamoring to erupt. Banfield never knew I busted through the door w my baby toe to speak w them. 

That, my friends, is superior pain management.

Piggie and I are gonna tape-up and rest a little today though.  
Broken toes stink.
(FYI, I've now cornered the market on diy splint-making. Let me know if you need my services.)

Anyone else as accident prone as I am?
Ever break any bones?


  1. My parents called me Grace growing up because I tripped over/dropped everything. I once ran into a door and broke my pinky, but miraculously that's the only broken bone (so far).

  2. We are like the same person. I'm super accident prone. My big thing is running my shoulder into door frames. I have bad moments of body awareness.

  3. I've never broken anything! That looks super painful. :-( I guess it makes for a good excuse to take it easy this weekend?

  4. Oh my gosh your poor toe!! I tend to run into everything with my large hips - I have the bruises up and down my legs at any given time to prove it :) And I totally know what you mean about checking the voicemail - ugh.


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