"Show-Me" the Blue

Monday, March 19, 2012

Whew. 1300 miles in 5 days. This girl is T.I.R.E.D.
I still feel like I need to sleep for days...a sure sign I'm getting old.

The trip to Missouri was great. I was able to spend some sweet time w/ my hilarious and too-cute-to-be-real grandparents, as well as my 92 yo great-great Aunt Mabel.
Yep, 92 and still sharp as a tack. Funny too.

Aunt Mabel told me stories about my Great Grandpa (her brother) who passed away 3 years ago. She also gave me two pictures of her mom (my great-GREAT grandma) and I learned that the china I inherited (and, ashamedly, never used) was this grandma's.
So cool to hear family history from the people who were actually there. 

I'm still in recovery though. I spent most of this weekend doing laundry or sleeping. Plus I haven't been feeling terrific so I think I have a trifecta in place for the perfect lazy storm.

BTW- Northern Arkansas is beautiful. I didn't know this. Now I do.


In other news, an errand run Sunday ended along the side of the road with careful steps over happy little blossoms. At one point I teetered precariously above the state flower afraid one slip of the foot could desecrate sacred ground.

It's pretty early here in Tejas for the Bluebonnets. These gorgeous buds usually fill up fields in April but this warm weather has hastened their arrival. They suck me in every time. 
I'm a black-thumb who loves green. What can I say?

What's your state flower? Do you get excited to see spring blossoms? Anyone else love old people too?


  1. I miss bluebonnets! Such a fantastic part of living in Texas. Glad you had fun in Missouri!

    (PS: did you know you have word verification on your comments? I just saw a post on how to remove it if you're interested: http://foxhollowcottage.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-remove-word-verification-from.html)

    1. Ah!! Thanks for letting me know. I thought I'd gotten rid of those. On it now.

  2. Our state flower is the Wild Rose. I had to Google it to see what it looked like. Awesome.

    Glad you had a good time with the family!!

    And I'm loving the perfect lazy storm. I may need to borrow that one!


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