Needed: New Camera

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prepare yourself for a post sans photos.
I realize this is a big blogging no-no, but by-golly I don't care.
(Look at all that alliteration!)

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but my cheap, trusty camera broke back in early Fall and I've since had to use my phone for all my picture taking needs.

Good news: Phone takes pretty decent pics (better than old camera)
Bad (terrible, awful) news: Won't upload directly to my computer.
Warning: Resulting process is tedious and lunacy inducing.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong (tech-savants please help) but nothing happens when I plug my phone into the computer. It recognizes the device but then...nothing.
Not. A. Thing.

What this means dear friends is that I get to email myself every photo I want to painful attachment at a time. And that's just step one. (exasperated sigh) Too much work for this chick.
I miss the days of plugging my memory card into the little slot and uploading all my photos in just a few clicks. Oh the ease, oh the convenience.

So that in essence is why you're getting this post today instead of, oh say, the recipe for my Nutella & PB Chip cookies OR an update on the fascinating life and times of yours truly (sarcasm intended...well, not about the cookies).
Yes, I'm slothful.


Wanted: Seeking easy-to-use camera for loving and affectionate owner. Willing to store in a cool, dry place. Cushy bag available for right candidate. Looking for long-term partnership. Extended battery life a plus.  

Anyone else have to take photos by phone?
Tips or suggestions? I'm all ears.


  1. Hmm...I'm no expert on cameras! I wish I could be more help! That email attachment bit sounds nightmare-ish. Hope you get it figured out soon!

  2. Stinky. :( I don't know how to connect my phone to the computer. That seems hard. :P If I want photos from my phone, I send them to Google+ and then download them from there.

  3. Yuck! I hope you find a solid long-term partnership with excellent chemistry very soon. I wish I had a perfect match to set you up with.

  4. TAG, you're it! We tagged you today in that blogger Q and A that is going around.

    You could look into getting a Canon Rebel - I have one - it is a very basic DSLR that you can use as a point and shoot but you also have the option to learn the other settings. Its a bit of an investment but it will last forever!


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