The Weekend's Favorite Buys

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's been a while since I've had a low-key weekend, but thankfully this past one was just that.

Saturday was spent doing household chores (mostly laundry).
I actually like doing, maybe I should rephrase that. Of all domestic maintenance tasks, laundry is the one I mind least. :)
I especially like hugging all the warm clothes right out of the dryer.

Remember, the February Photo Challenge I'm trying to keep up with doing? Well Saturday just happened to be "Inside my closet" day. How apropos.

I really want wooden hangers. Right now my closet is a modge podge of mostly plastic hangers (different colors...ick) w/ a few dry-cleaner-grade wire ones thrown in for good measure.

Sunday was leisurely and calm. My two best buds and I decided a girls day was in order, so we met up at a local mall (ew, malls) and spent the day together.  
Anyone else not like malls...or shopping in general? I think I'm missing a gene somewhere that codes for purchase euphoria.

Here's what I bought:

Pinned Image

Megan and I both bought this dress in gray. Honestly I wasn't too sure about it at first. I'm not used to showing much skin and I felt a bit uncomfortable about the back cut-out + scoop neck front + legs. But the girls talked me into it. Megan said I looked like a ballerina...that was all it took.
(In my very vivid imagination I'm a professional ballerina. Minus the bleeding feet and hard work.)

I also bought this ($8.50) sweet little rose thermal from Forever 21.
Yep, wore it last night. Unwashed.

so cute.


But perhaps my favorite purchase of the day was something I've wanted since Christmas when Ania got Megan this:

Pinned Image

It's tinted lip balm. Oh friends - don't look away just yet - this stuff is transformative. It's buttery and smooth, so moisturizing you can't believe it. And just the right hint of color. I absolutely LOVE it.
They have other colors too but I like the subtle red and think it looks great on everyone.


There was one thing I wanted yesterday but didn't purchase:

Voluspa's French Cade Lavender candle.
It smells magical. Fresh, delicate; warm. This candle (from my fav candle company) is a close second to my all-time fav scent, Baltic Amber.  
And look at those jars! Ahhh!!

Hope you all have terrific weekends. Was it low-key like mine or crazy?

Disclaimer: I received no compsensation whatsoever for this post. I just like sharing stuff I did, liked, or bought.


  1. Cute stuff!! I do like shopping, but am unsure what gene I have that you don't. I haven't actually gone shopping for clothes in a long time, however...silly stuff like needing that money instead for groceries and gas. :P

  2. that dress is so fun!! and fresh products are my FAVORITE...except I never buy them. not sure why. I have a ton of conditioner from a hotel in LA (I hid it every day so they left me more...see I'm a rebel too...). I need to just break down and buy some more. ;)

  3. I love that dress - it is very ballerina-like! And I have heard great things about that lip balm. I need to check that out.


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