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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This weekend was a busy one.

On Saturday Parker, Megan's oldest son (one of the best buds), turned 3. Ah! Hard to believe.

Happy Birthday Parker (who you can't see b/c he's sitting on the floor opening presents and Auntie Faith was too lazy to get up).

I wish I'd thought to take more pictures so you could see how great the party was, but trust was terrific.
Oh! and the theme? Mustache Bash!!
Don't you love it?

I'm sure one day Parker will be embarrassed that his Momma and Aunties cross-dressed at his birthday party.
On a side-note, I really wanted Megan's stache. Mine is lame and creeeeeepy.


Later that night we went to a Mavs game in downtown Dallas. Thanks to D's job we were able to get free platinum tickets.

I'm not a big sports person and wasn't looking forward to the evening...until we got there and I realized what "platinum"meant: Better food, better restrooms, quiet, less large drunk man hovering precariously over you threatening to slosh beer across your head, etc.

I snapped this shot when I went exploring. There was a large, open area w/ bar-height tables and a great vantage point for game-watching (if you do that sort of thing).

There was also a huge dining area with a crazy (like cruise crazy) buffet. We had already eaten (we ate at a Mexican place in another platinum area) but it smelled so good. One of D's co-workers said it was about $50/plate. I laughed. I don't care how good it smells, a buffet is a buffet...and that price was a bit steep for me anyway.

Speaking of where food...the little place we tried was in a large open area with a bar and another eatery. There were plenty of tables and some leather lounge chairs set up to face the private view out these windows. Yes, and a balcony. (I'm easily thrilled).


Sunday was paint day.
I already had the color picked out...thanks to 6 months of swatch testing.

Yep, 6 months of periwinkle/gray.


Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray from Home Depot
Ok, so I realize this is a bit anti-climactic...*whaa whaa*
Can I fault natural lighting on a rainy, gloomy day?

How about at night w/ floodlights lamp/overhead lighting?
No, not much better.
Like how I styled the room special for you?


Dining room. (molding to come. face plate and dimmer switch too).

Tell me you can see the difference?
Well, even if you don't, I do and I live here so that's what matters. It's hard to tell from the pics but it's actually a lot darker than the gray before. It's really cozy and warm...but not stifling. I love the richness it brings to the space and the contrast with the trim.

Obviously we still have a LONG way to go (which is why dear friends I haven't shown you more)...but it's major progress so I'm thrilled and even a bit motivated to keep it up.

I'll show more when I have more to show. Haha.
It might be another 6 months though - just warning.

(chocolate mustache from the party...I gobbled that puppy up moments later.)


  1. Thanks! You reminded me that I didn't include that...updating now. :)
    I picked Bedford Gray from Martha Stewart. I love it!

  2. Those moustaches are too cute.
    I know what you mean about paint - it's hard to tell a difference in the photos but I'm sure it's a world of difference in real life. Paint can work magic sometimes!

  3. haha Faith! That IS a creepy picture of you! And I can definitely see the difference. We're currently dealing with periwinkle "gray" in our living room, too. Does the Bedford Gray have greenish undertones? I almost picked that exact swatch except Rick said it looked green. Not sure why I trust him, though...he can't tell the difference between his blue pants and his black pants. :P I have the hardest time with gray paint...

  4. Erin - I don't think Bedford Gray has green undertones (I'm staring hard at the walls now just to make sure). I picked it because it has brown undertones, which works so much better in our space. Grays are hard though. I selected a few to try before this that had green, yellow, blue (obviously), and purple undertones. Really? I thought gray w/ brown undertones would be easy peasy. Wrong!
    Also, I tried to use the word "undertones" as many times as humanly possible in this response.

  5. Oooo, I can totally tell and it's so pretty!! The mustaches are pretty too. :)

  6. The color looks GORGEOUS! I love how soft it is. And your creepy moustache is fabulous. :)

  7. Wow, love that new colour. I bought my son a sweet stache for Christmas. He wore it all day but doesn't stick any more:(


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