Update: Living/Dining Progress

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We made quite a bit more progress this weekend on the living/dining redo.

You may remember we started with a bright yellow then painted a light (but not right) gray...

Then to this...

The house has been in constant transition over the past 7 or so months.  At first I tried to make the room NOT look like it was in a state of flux. But I soon realized the futility.

This weekend we made a few more steps in finishing the space.
  • molding in dining room
  • new sofa
  • installed dimmer switch in dining room
Ha, it seems like we did so much more than that. I guess we did really though. Why, the weekend before we re-painted. Sweat equity means more to the laborer than the reader. Haha.

Here's what the room looks like now.
Please excuse the phone camera pics. It's all I got.

See that trim?

Oh and here's the new (to us) sofa.

The trim was purchased, primed, and cut at our local home improvement store.
The sofa was found on Craigslist and is in near perfect condition. It retails for $1800 and we got it for under $400. I know some may balk at the idea of a used sofa (I used to be one) but given the condition and my ability to deep clean and steam any surface known to man, I couldn't pass up this deal.

I'll show you a properly styled and lighted photo when the room is fully ready. This is just a sneak-peek.  

From initial plans to final steps...

Left: what we've done
Right: what we still need to do

 Notice the off-kilter art? Yea, I'll get to that in a second. But otherwise an improvement, no? I'm really pleased. The molding turned out exactly as I'd planned and for $30 you can't beat the transformative bang-for-your-buck.

Natural lighting = better color shot. Gosh I love this gray.
Do you like the cluttered dining table for one? Nothing but the styling best for you friends. I work my fingers to the bone to get it just right.

Ok, so back to the carefully hung artwork.
I'm an impatient person. I don't check the back of large canvases before I punch tiny holes in freshly painted walls. No, instead I use my arm length as a leveling tool and "eye-ball it".  And when I realize a large wooden support runs up the back of each canvas hindering the one-nail hanging policy to which I strictly adhere, I choose NOT to re-hang said artwork properly. Nope, I leave it. For days. Just hanging there...all wonky and cock-eyed.

Anybody else hate hanging art/pictures? Please tell me I'm not alone. It's ridiculous isn't it? We're not talking biochemistry here (which btw was my undergrad minor...ha). It's not complicated, but with my careful planning and task execution I seem to tangle even the most simple of projects.


  1. Wooo! The molding adds so much to the room! So do the crooked pictures and the "please ignore" pile. I think they add character and have some similar items around my own house. ;)

  2. Lookin' fancy! LOVE that beautiful couch!

  3. I love the trim you added! Nice new-to-you sofa! Love me some Craigslist.

  4. I looooooooove your board and batten! great job! love the new couch too. you've got a gift for sure.

  5. Your room looks fantastic!! I love the colour and the new trim and even the crooked art:)

  6. I LOVE the gray. Love it. It is the color I wanted in my girls' room but the color I DID paint is much too light. Also LOVE the new sofa. You guys are doing GREAT! (and I had to laugh...don't you hate it when it FEELS like you did so much more than you actually did!?)

  7. I looove the molding! I hate hanging pictures too. I keep a tube of spackle handy so I can make holes in the wall to my heart's content. Needless to say, there are a LOT of covered-up holes in my walls :)

  8. haha I hate hanging pictures too! I just stick the nail in wherever and throw up my pictures. I bought Katie's husband a sign for his office and when he put it up he put on his tool belt, got the ladder out, measured the exact spot where he wanted the sign, and oh so carefully put up the sign. It was pretty humorous. Love how the room is turning out!! -Jen


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