Julia + Me + Omelets

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My knowledge of cooking-giant Julia Child was, I'm embarrassed to say, limited to one 7th grade play featuring a lovable old chef named Edith ("Jiles" I believe). Edith remained the imprinted, albeit, wrong, caricature of said master until recently.
1) spoke in an octave audible to canines and small children only.
2) had a strange, somewhat spooky (hey I was 13) back bulge.
3) needed help applying her face. I'm talking shaky-hand syndrome or something.

A week or two ago I was channel surfing and caught the movie about Julia Child and a blogger (what's the name?). Gosh I love that Meryl...not her best work...but I love her.
Anyway, my interest was piqued about the first lady of cuisine again. Who was this woman? Was it true didn't cook until her 30's? I had to know more.

Thanks to YouTube and a few Google searches I had some answers.
I have to say friends, I'm kind of loving Mrs. Child. She's quirky and fun. She makes me feel like I really can cook anything. When she makes a mistake (and I love that she does...or that it was taped before editing) she adapts quickly and humorously. She's a real woman. And I like her.

What's more...the woman made me wanna cook an omelet. This may seem like no big deal to you friends, but it is to your writer pal. Reasons? Let me count the ways:
1) I really don't like eggs, eggy things, egg-like substances, etc. (I can eat them but generally don't care for them much at all).
2) I don't like typical omelet inclusions (green/red peppers, onions, ham, etc.)
3) I thought they were hard to make.

See? Who knew there was a difference between a puffy omelet and a French one? Or beating eggs with chopsticks? Or how hot the pan needed to be? Preach it girl.

Ok, so this doesn't mean that I'm gonna start eating eggs more often...BUT I might be buying her book(s?) and watching more of her videos. I feel like I get a mini-culinary education every time I watch. Yea, I'm kind of addicted now.

Teach me more Julia, teach me more.


  1. Yum! Omelettes are my favorite low-cal food. About 3 egg whites, some spinach and a couple tablespoons of salsa. It's like 100 calories and SO filling.

  2. I'm also a hater of the eggs. I will eat them...on a rare occasion. If I have to eat them, I prefer them in omelet form!

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE that you posted this video!! Aaron and I saw that on PBS years ago (yes, we watch PBS) and THAT NIGHT we made omelets. It has been forever since I have seen that clip and I forgot how FUN Julia is!! Thanks for this post, its great!

  4. Julie and Julia! Er...Faith and Julia? I also find Ms. Childs quite amusing. :)

    (And you may have died when your grandma made you rain a plastic rain hat, but I died when I read your comment about that....so your adolescent pain was worth it. ;) Thanks for the laugh, friend!)

  5. haha this is hilarious...she really does have a charm doesn't she! I was her for Halloween! My little girl was a cupcake! haha it was a hit!


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