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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anyone else notice how I bounce from workouts to desserts? No, I'm not trying to sabotage you. I realize it may appear to be so, but it's not. I just love both. And design, fashion, books, steam mops, etc... My blog is as full of irony as my life. So when you begin to wonder what kind of blog you may be reading, I suggest you not work too hard. "Baby doesn't like to be in a corner"...is that the quote? Whatev. Point is, this blog is full of stuff I dig and it's just about as random as I am. So enjoy. ;)

 My favorite cookie is not one that comes from my kitchen, but oh how I wish it did.

Before I tell you where to find this delectable little morsel, I should probably share my criteria for cookie perfection. Everyone has different tastes, but my ideal cookie should be:
  • crisp BUT chewy outside
  • soft center
  • somehow chocolate inclusive (choco-chip is my typical choice)
I'm kinda a plain-jane when it comes to food. I don't like super exotic flavors or combinations. I was at a party once where someone baked nutmeg into the chocolate chip cookies. Whyyyyy?! Don't mess w my senses that way people.
The following is my favorite cookie of all time. I can't find (or bake...yet) a better one.

McAlister's Chocolate Chip Cookie


I know McAlister's Deli isn't in all 50 states so if it isn't in yours, might I consider a road trip...or mail order purchase? Just saying. It's that good.

Happy Thursday (and shout out to my Momma turned 50 yesterday!!)

Disclaimer: McAlister's doesn't know I exist. I only mention b/c it's one of my favs and I thought you might enjoy it too.

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  1. Give me one of those cookies with some sweet tea! Yum-O! Happy Birthday to your momma!


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