World's Fastest Workout?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This morning I challenged myself to a health accountability challenge during this holiday season. I'm not even 24 hours in and it's already been hard.
I. am. exhausted. I've been packing, laundering (clothes not money...just to clarify), shopping, cleaning, shipping, and a variety of other yuletide chores for days (feels like months). But as promised here's how my day went:

I'll be wasn't a good day in the nutrition department.
Breakfast consisted of a bowl full of pomegranate seeds.
Lunch was a chicken enchilada (leftover from last night's Christmas party...yes we eat enchiladas to celebrate Christmas in TX)
Dinner hasn't been planned yet which (at 6:15pm) usually means a less than stellar choice...though I will try. Gotta get my brain in gear. No excuses.
I snacked on some salsa and tortilla chips (not much though...chips were too salty, salsa was blah)
I drank only 2 glasses of water the whole day. Nothing else. Ugh. (Rectifying this now...glug, glug)

I was intrigued when I happened upon a workout claimed to be the world's fastest.  It's four minutes long. *blink again* yes, 4 minutes. And claims to increase metabolism (ie, fat-burning power) for 12-36 hours afterward. I didn't have enough excuses for not doing this off I went. 4 minutes.
Let's do this...

Always a skeptic, I wasn't expecting this to get me really sweating. Goodness, was I wrong. By the end of that 4 minutes I was breathing hard and sweating profusely. Not bad for less than 5 minutes. Felt pretty good too. {Not as good as a it felt to stop though...haha. I jest. I really like working out once I get's just the getting started that can be troublesome.}

I'll probably do it another time tonight or do this Tone It Up kettlebell routine (I got a kettlebell in last night's white elephant! Been wanting one for a while.)

Would you try the 4 minute workout?
Do you think it's claims are too good to be true?
Anyone else feel like they're running on fumes this time of year?

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  1. You are brave to document this all on your blog! I worked out yesterday, but ate so much junk food that I think I negated the last TWO workouts I've done. Oh well.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't drink enough fluids during the day. I'll try that 4 minute workout. Wow, this is a long comment. And to finish it up - GO FAITH! YOU CAN DO IT!! KICK DECEMBER'S BUTT!


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