Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anyone else feeling like grandma wasn't the only one run over by a reindeer? I haven't fully unpacked my suitcase in 3 weeks. We're constantly going to and fro and won't slow down until January. *sigh*

So while I do a load of laundry and prepare for the next round of travels here are a few of the items on my Christmas wishlist...(let me emphasize "wish")

1. Airbake Cookie Sheet Set

Pinned Image
They're on sale!!

2. Oh Joy Mailers

Can you believe how adorable these are? Nevermind that the world doesn't write letters anymore (why people, why)...I would LOVE to send someone a sweet little letter in these beauties.

3. Recipes for Parties book

Recipes for Parties: Menus, Flowers, Decor: Everything for Perfect Entertaining
Ok, I haven't actually seen this book...but I like the title. Sounds promising. Ha.

4. Voluspa candle in Baltic Amber
Pinned Image
Favorite candle. Favorite scent.

5. Quincy short boots from J.Crew in saddle

Quincy short boots
seriously. I die. These get a double star.
(I'm a size 8 btw...haha.)

6. Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Food Processor

 Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Food Processor, 16-Cup
I need one of these like yesterday.

7. Brooks Women's PureConnect Running Shoe

Brooks Women's PureConnect Running Shoe - Dick's Sporting Goods
I'll be honest...I just like the color.

8. Faux fur throw

Faux Fur Throw, Ivory | World Market

I'm typically anti faux-anything but this plush throw calls to me. It says "I will keep you warm all winter long...and I'll hide the prolific dog fur covering most other household surfaces."

What's on your wishlist?
Any must-haves?


  1. JCrew is bad news. Those boots are beautiful!!

    Great list!

  2. I LOVE my air bake cookie sheets. I'll never go back. I really want a Cuisinart too. And yeah, I also needed one yesterday.

  3. Ahhh the boots! I'll take some too, if you somehow end up with an extra pair... in size 9...

  4. I would take one of all those picks as well. I hope you get everything on your list:)


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