New Workout - The Dreaded Food Baby

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I haven't been this sore in ages. {Don't let that scare/freak/or otherwise deter you}.

Has anyone heard of Cassey Ho of Blogilates? I saw one of her videos a few nights ago on Pinterest and decided to try it. She has a super upbeat, enthusiastic personality and kept talking to me the whole time...I usually get annoyed with that sort of thing...but boy was I grateful by the end.

Say the words "food baby" and one might react several ways. I laughed. Seriously. Who hasn't experienced that ate-so-much-I-now-have-a-preggo-belly feeling, especially during the holidays? Be honest, you know what I'm talking about. I think it's why elastic was invented.
Cassey calls this HIIT workout a food-baby banisher. Perfect for this time of the year (or any really...whew).

It sounded simple enough. 8 moves. 8 minutes. Can do. Riiight?
I really like high intensity/low time workouts. Hard and fast is > slow and boring. I'm not patient and I like to get the parts I dislike most out of the way in the shortest amount of time possible.
This challenged me more than I expected (man I love it when that happens...ok love/hate). It can be adjusted to suit any level of fitness though (take it up if you're more advanced, slow it down if you're a beginner). You guys know how much I love the Tone It Up girls but Cassey might be a new fav.
I haven't tried any more of her workouts yet...probably because I could barely walk yesterday. (Ha. I might have overdone it.) I plan to soon though.
It might be intense satisfaction over pathetically sore muscle groups.  But it really does hurt so good.

I want to encourage you to give it a whirl. Push yourself...not to the brink of death...or collapse as I did. Haha. But push yourself. You really are stronger than you think.
So go for it. Do something good for your body today.
I dare you.

Funny story: My legs were so wobbly when I finished that I stumbled like a wino across the living room floor.  I had enough upper body strength left to keep myself upright but it was not my proudest moment...or maybe it was. haha. I ended up cackling on the floor for about 10 minutes afterwards. You know how when you do something stupid/funny and it keeps replaying over and over in your mind? Yea, that was me. Honestly, I'm kinda giggling again right now. Nerd.

Did you try this workout? What did you think?
What's your biggest fitness challenge?


  1. I love pinterest. That's how I found your site. :) She has some really great workouts!

  2. Isn't it the best?! So glad you're here!

  3. I love the term food baby. I think Juno was the first place I heard it.

    I'll have to try this out...once I figure out what I did to my hip. Old age is rough. It was nice enough out this week-end for 2 hour long walks! Good work December!

  4. I love Pinterest! I've tried the 100 workout (well, a modified version of it because I'd die if I started at 100!!). I've fallen off the workout wagon so I'm making it a new year's resolution--again! Merry Christmas, Faith!


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