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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today (all week really) I am thankful for sweet, dear; kind blog friends.  You have no idea how much your words and thoughts meant to me this week. Thanks for being an encouragement and for reminding me how great a gift friends can be...even if you've never met.
Seriously, I love y'all.


Today I need your help again. You may remember a week or so ago when I signed up for Cookie Swap 2011.  I've been trying to narrow the cookie field down to a few choices.  I think (I say that with great trepidation as I'm having the most difficult time picking) these are the final three.  Help me pick? Pleeeease...

Option 1 - Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Option 2 - Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Swirl Cookies

Option 3 - My amazing friend Jessica's White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

 Which would you wanna get in the mail?


  1. Red velvet and cream cheese swirl cookies!!!!!! :)

  2. Um...a sampler platter? Seriously, all 3 sound awesome. If I HAD to pick, I'd say...cinnamon roll cookies. They intrigue me! But so do the red velvet ones!

    I'm no help.

  3. I'd have to say red velvet!

    I signed up for the swap, too! I want to make my great-great grandmother's sugar cookies, but if I shared the recipe my mother would probably disown me. Not sure what I'm going to make!

  4. Cinnamon roll! YUM! But you seriously canNOT go wrong!

  5. i'm totally with erin on this one...although i'm not really a huge white chocolate fan (unless it is a white chocolate hot chocolate and then i am a HUGE fan). cinnamon roll cookies sound good....and interesting...like i could eat them for breakfast and not feel guilty. i vote those. :)

  6. Oh my. I'm going with red velvet. Very unexpected.


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