Thankful November Challenge

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The sweet sisters over at Paisley Print Shoes offered a challenge and I accepted.
Every post during the month of November I will share something I'm grateful for.

I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about this. I've been a little, er, shall we say off lately so I know there may be days when this is a challenge.  Gratitude is important though but far too easily forgotten. This is going to be good for my tired, worn-out heart.

To start things off today I'm thankful for time.
I used to run at such a hurried pace I felt like I was disjointed and never fully invested anywhere.
I still struggle to balance my time well, but I'm grateful for this season of life {though difficult} where I have the ability to wrestle, sit, wait, linger, and really be...wherever I am.
Time really is one of our most precious resources. I want to steward it well.

What are you grateful for today?
If you want to join the challenge with me make sure to stop by Paisley Print Shoes, grab their button and let them know you're joining up too.


  1. I'm grateful for this glorious North Texas sunshine!

  2. What a great series. I am generally a very grateful person but it's so easy to forget. I'll try to think of something each day. I'll start today by being thankful for my new house!!

  3. Great series. I am too much a commitment phobe to participate. :P

    Today I am thankful for sleep. I like sleep.


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