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Friday, November 18, 2011

Apologies first: I drop a sad bomb on you and then nary make and appearance for over a week. I'm sorry (and ok). Just really didn't have much to say and decided to take a little time for myself. I'm back now though. Thanks for your encouragement and understanding.

Secondly, I'm thankful today for the ability to run. Sounds bizarre but hang with me. I hated running in high school (nevermind that it helped get me in pretty great shape). It was a chore. It didn't come naturally. I never understood people who "loved" it.  Really? My gene pool just doesn't paddle that direction. We're built more for the unique task of savoring pasta carbohydrate storage (same thing) than expending energy. I'm not a hard-core runner but I am thankful for it because: 1) It's helped me challenge myself and grow physically 2) Running = stress relief (can I get a witness) 3) It feels good to do something I don't want to do but that I KNOW is good for me (make sense?) 4) It's a privilege. I am healthy and have fully functioning legs and arms. I too often take it for granted. I CAN run. I GET to run. This is amazing. I'm so grateful (even though I don't always enjoy it).

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In other news:
1. I got a new phone (it has a good camera!) I'm always the last one to board the cool train so this puppy is taking me some time to figure out. However, I hope/plan to take some fresh photos (possible recipes) and share them w/ you next week.
2. Nigel (yellow lab) has stopped escaping from the backyard...at least for now. I hesitate to tell you the means by which we secured his entrapment, but suffice it to say, everyone is safer/happier this way (and it's totally humane so don't freak).
3. I rearranged the living room. Yes, I've totally stalled-out on that project since painting the swatches (what was that, like July?). I need some motivation. Anyway, I rearranged but since at present I lack a second chair (you'll all understand later), I am using one of those camping chairs as a stand-in. Classy. Don't you wanna visit?
4. I'm toying around w/ the idea of doing a giveaway if/when I make it to 100 followers. Pipe dream...but still...who doesn't love a give-away?

Happy Friday friends!
Hope you have wonderful weekends!!!


  1. Running is my nemesis. I love it and I hate it so much! : )

    You should totally do a giveaway. I did one with 35 followers and it was SO FUN! I did one again the next week just because I was sad the first one was over!

  2. My husband and I did the Couch to 5K this summer. I stopped once fall it because I was sore all of the time. Being old is hard. I will start back in the spring though...possibly with better shoes. :P

    And my words of advice are to have a giveaway whenever you want. Who cares how many followers you have!!


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