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Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm going for it folks. My first giveaway.
Last week sweet Michelle from Decor and the Dog (ammmmazing, hilarious, love her and her blog) gave me some great advice. Who needs a stinkin' number of followers to do anything?! Not I. I want to do a giveaway and by golly I'm gonna. {Thanks Michelle!}

Plus, tomorrow is my birthday and what better way to celebrate than passing the love on to you guys!

Be sure to stay on the lookout this week for the giveaway details.
I'm gonna be perfectly honest, I have no idea it will be yet. But rest assured I'll make sure it's something I would want to get (read: it's gonna be good). Haha.

Love you guys!

Tell me about your Thanksgiving.
Best dishes, favorite moments, weather...I want the scoop.


  1. ill play along :)
    i took the week off to work on my masters case study, celebrate my bday (11/23) and spend some time with my in-laws. i ended up getting sick on tuesday and spent most of the week doped up on nyquil (yay). didnt get much done for school. i still feel like crap but im pretty darn thankful that i didnt have to work last week and i have a job that brings in a steady income.

    yay for november bdays :)

  2. That Michelle is brilliant. Can't wait to see what you choose for your giveaway!

  3. Right on blog sister! ;) I need to go to bed...

    Favorite Thanksgiving moment: Waking up Thanksgiving morning and my 2 year old niece jumping up and down yelling "Aunt Chelle is here. Aunt Chelle is here." Totally made my morning.

  4. yay! I have been having similar give away thoughts, but I feel like I should at least have an idea for a giveaway or at least a handful of followers before I dive into giveaways.
    I would also like to say Happy Birthday today because i might forget tomorrow.
    and Ike is so cute I would love to take a nap with him.

  5. OOO Yeah and my favorite Thanksgiving thing was Frog eye salad, I must have it at every holiday event... here is a link to the recipe

  6. You go girl! Can't wait to see what you're giving away. :) We had 3 Thanksgivings in a row; you think I'd be sick of it, but there's a chance that I could stomach eating some turkey right now. I also still have gingerbread pumpkin trifle in my fridge that needs to be eaten...

  7. I think giveaways for hitting certain numbers of followers is kind of overrated anyway. (Don't judge me if I ever get to 1,000 and have a giveaway though.) Is today your birthday?!? Happy Birthday if so!


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